Spider-Man: New Films with Tom Holland – Spidey stays in the MCU

A few weeks before the theatrical release of Spider-Man: No Way Home, Sony producer Amy Pascal confirmed in an interview that there will be more films in the future with Tom Holland in the lead role in Marvel Cinematic Universe will give.

Many more Spider-Man projects planned with Marvel

Originally, Spider-Man: No Way Home was always called Completion of the trilogy designated by Tom Holland in the MCU. It will stay that way. However, the Brit will not say goodbye to the universe of Marvel Studios. Instead, further projects are now planned.

According to Amy Pascal, it should at least three new films give with Tom Holland to No Way Home. Peter Parker is therefore likely to continue in the future phases of the MCU play an important role. The producer also suggests that the partnership between Sony and Marvel will bring more characters from the Spider-Man universe in the MCU could appear.

Are Sony’s Spider-Verse and the MCU now merging?

Despite the new MCU films with Tom Holland and the many guest appearances of well-known characters in Spider-Man: No Way Home, Sony would like to continue producing films in its own Spider-Verse. “The parallel universes offer so many interesting stories, which is why not every single film in the multiverse [von Marvel] will play. “- says Amy Pascal in the interview.

Tom Holland recently indicated the end of his Spider-Man career

Just a few days ago, Tom Holland caused a stir in an interview after he heard a possible End of his Spidey career has considered. Apparently, those responsible at Sony have now succeeded in changing his decision. Spider-Man: No Way Home launches in theaters on December 16, 2021.

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