‘Summoners War: Hundred Years’ War’, new cooperative content update

Data provided – Com2uS

Summoners War: Hundred Years’ War (hereinafter referred to as Hundred Years’ War), developed and serviced by Com2uS (CEO Song Jae-jun, Lee Joo-hwan), has been updated to add new content ‘Cooperative War’.

‘Cooperative Battle’, introduced for the first time through this update, is a cooperative content in which two users meet in a game space and work together to attack a specific boss. Any Hundred Years War Summoner can freely participate in the ‘Cooperative War’, which is open every Saturday from 9 am to 48 hours, through matching as well as friends and alliance members.

In ‘Co-op War’, a powerful wind-type boss ‘Ragmaron’ appears, and for a certain period of time, the two summoners exchange air. Users must defeat the boss through organic cooperative play, such as conducting a focused attack depending on the battle situation or helping a teammate when they are in danger. After the battle, various battle rewards are given according to the amount of damage dealt to the boss, and a ranking reward is also given according to the weekly cumulative ranking.

‘Hundred Years’ War’ also introduced two new summoning systems that can maximize the fun of nurturing along with the introduction of this cooperative content. First, through the ‘Eternal Essence System’, users can advance to the maximum limit and convert the remaining monster cards to exchange not only heroic monsters, but also legendary monsters, which are the highest grade in the game. In addition, the fun elements of the game have been further strengthened, such as being able to acquire monsters that you normally want through the ‘Ancient Selection Summon System’.

Attendance rewards to help new users adapt to the game at the beginning of the game have been significantly reorganized to present up to 200 ‘mystery books’ that can summon monsters of various grades in the game, and year-end special attendance reward events and returning users will be rewarded. Attendance compensation is also paid under expanded conditions to increase user satisfaction. In addition, it provides a variety of things to enjoy, such as introducing a new Christmas transformation that applies a seasonal theme to three popular in-game characters such as Eleanor, Sophia, and Rakuni.

On the other hand, Hundred Years’ War is a real-time strategy battle created using Summoners War IP, and features thrilling battle play based on various monster deck strategies. Com2uS continues to update new content after the release of Hundred Years’ War, providing a variety of game fun.