The Game Awards: Goeff Keighley promises great surprises

As this year’s Game Awards draws closer, the excitement is not only rising about which nominated games will win the prizes, but especially which ones Trailers for announced or completely new titles we get to see. Because the Game Awards are above all one thing: A festival of announcements and a stage on which upcoming video games can advance their profile.

A while ago the organizer, organizer and Moderator Geoff Keighley addressed the expected line-up. The largest collection of titles in the history of the event is scheduled for this year, with between 40 and 50 games in one form or another, Keighley said.

What can we expect from the Game Awards 2021?

Keighley now spoke again about the upcoming announcements and trailers. Unsurprisingly, he named no specific title, but at least hinted at one or the other direction in which the award show could move. This is how it should be on December 9th, for example a lot is about the current generation of consolesSo, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series owners should tune in.

According to Keighley, the surface of “next-gen gaming” has only just been scratched. He also promised a lot of gameplay, In-engine material as well as some “great surprises”. The expectations should of course be quite high, as always, fans want big hits like Breath of the Wild 2 or Final Fantasy XVI.

Rumors around possible titles are actually limited at the moment, only a tweet from Housemarque, the developer behind Returnal, sparked a discussion about whether we should go for the roguelike shooter possibly a DLC receive. It could of course make its debut at the Game Awards as part of the current generation of consoles Keighley spoke of.

Who is nominated for this year’s Game Awards?

A list of all nominations for this year’s Game Awards can be found here. Best for the title game of the year fight this time Resident Evil Village, Metroid Dread, Psychonauts 2, It Takes Two, Deathloop und Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. As always, there is still a long range of other categories in which the titles published in 2021 can prove themselves.

If you still want to vote, you shouldn’t take too much time, after all, the celebrations will take place on 9th of December instead of. Especially smaller developers are finally happy about every vote. The decisions may be tough, but you certainly have some favorites. Xbox boss Phil Spencer also knows exactly what his personal Game of the Year is.

Those: The Game Awards auf Twitter

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