The Witcher 3: Fantastic alternative Triss Merigold cosplay

What is the Witcher Universe known for? Of course, for grumpy wizards, gruesome monsters, and loads of sorcery as well as exciting stories. But what is it now also known for? Exactly, for cosplays. As well as Protagonist Geralt as well as Ciri, who is very familiar to him, and the mysterious Yennefer have already been here one time or the other in real life immortalized by costumes and wigs.

Also the dexterous Triss Merigold is one of the audience favorites when it comes to cosplays. User shared on Reddit Nonnies11 now her latest cosplay of the red-haired sorceress and that is truly impressive. The cosplay comes from The Witcher 3 (buy now 26,97 €): Wild Hunt and who played it should first, given the photos on Reddit be a little confused.

Alternative outfit shows Triss Merigold at her best

Because Nonnies11 didn’t use Triss Merigold’s normal clothing for her cosplay, as is commonly known from the third Witcher video game. Instead, the alternative outfit of sorceress wrapped that one for the game thanks to one free DLCs can download.

Instead of dark trousers, a brown top and the turned-up collar, this Triss Merigold comes in one elegant green dress with golden ornaments therefore. A belt with an elaborately designed buckle holds that discreetly revealing outfit together and small golden leaves also give the dress something mystical.

If you compare the photos with the outfit from the game, it quickly becomes clear that Nonnies11 hit the sorceress pretty well. You can find other great Triss Merigold cosplays here and here. Or how about the witcher Geralt as a woman? With the continues to run Witcher series and a possible fourth video game on the horizon, the series should continue to bring us great cosplays in the future.

Those: Nonnies11 on Reddit

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