“There is news in your Corona warning app” – what does the notification mean?

Some users report that they constantly receive push notifications with the content “There is news in their Corona warning app” on their smartphones. What does this message mean?

The Corona warning app checks contacts with other users of the app via Bluetooth. If you encounter someone who subsequently tested positive for the corona virus, there is a corresponding warning in the app. The notification “There is news in your Corona warning app” is in most cases related to such a warning.

“There is news in your Corona warning app”: What does the warning mean?

The notification can also be used to announce the reminder of the third vaccination. For data protection reasons, the exact content is not specified in the push notification, but is only visible after opening the Corona warning app. If you have received such a “warning message”, you should open the Corona warning app. If the message appears for the first time, you will probably see a red “1” in the lower toolbar. If you open the “Status” area, the “news” in the Corona warning app is usually the “red” display of a risk contact. So a risk encounter was found in the last 14 days.

This is the case, for example, if you have stayed in the immediate vicinity of a person who has subsequently tested positive for a longer period of time or if you are checked in with the Corona warning app in a public place where those who tested positive were also present. We explain how you should react to a red warning elsewhere:

“There is news in your Corona warning app” keeps coming up?

For some users, the message “There is news in your Corona warning app” does not appear just once, but every few minutes to a few hours on the screen. So you are informed several times a day that there is “news”.

If you open the app after it has been displayed again, but often no changes are visible at all. For example, apart from those already registered, no further risk encounters are displayed. If the notification “There is news in your Corona warning app” just appears again, in most cases it is simply a question around a bug. So no new risk encounter was found; instead, the original risk contact is simply pointed out several times. So you shouldn’t let that bother you. The developers are already working on a solution the display problem, which should be fixed in a future update.