‘These days’ NFT, Fang Sky also prepares to advance into blockchain games

game publishing Enterprise Fang Sky(representative Ji Heon-min)Is 29Work global 9to the country advanced its play the game utilized blockchain game in business In earnest to advance for dedicated organization that it was newly established said. together metaverse business diagram at the same time advance.

Pansky is PC online game Shin Muk-hon onlinesecond Taiwan area sales 9above raised bar there is, mobile RPG ‘Bestria Electriccast Japan in the area successfully launched. this In addition to Thailand, North America, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau etc global 9dog in the area PC online game department of mobile games localization service in progress global as a publisher established.

Pansky is 10year of game publishing know-how and its global user grass utilizing NFT (how impossible token, Non Fungible Token)cast inclusive blockchain game in business to advance for relation organization newly established specialty manpower recruitment is in progress. today inside of the game blockchain to prepare Meanwhile Out with partners active networking Progress is in progress.

domestic base to be prepared until Overseas area to the center to be serviced is scheduled, blockchain business department together propel being metaverse business department organically connect, synergy to pay plan. metaverse product release is 2022year the second half aiming do have.

Fang Sky Ji Heon-min the representative Pansky is Overseas 9to the country play the game in service global expand in terms of already ready Enterprisesaid as soon as possible next year 1quarter within NFT based blockchain game 3bell show off Number to be will be. time look detailed content to disclose thingsaid said.

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