Twitch star: Streamer Amouranth is incredibly successful

Whenever it comes to the famous Twitch streamer Amouranth minds are split. The main reason for this is the revealing content of their shows. But the “Queen of Twitch” is too incredibly successful – this is shown by new figures.

There are quite a number of male streamers on Twitch who are even more successful than Amouranth. But the 27-year-old is by far the most successful woman on the live streaming platform and reaches there every month a huge audience.

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How successful is Amouranth?

Like New Twitch-Analysen show, Amouranth now has over 3 million “view hours” a month. per month that means your streams will be total more than 3 million hours per month looked. That could be 3 million viewers, for example, and everyone watches one hour per month. Or 1 million viewers watch three hours a month.

Who else is successful on Twitch?

on 2nd place follows among the female streamers Pokimane with 1.7 million hours – So Amouranth almost doubles that! SadDummy follows in third place with 1.5 million hours.

Permissive streams ensure success

Amouranth achieves this success with various stream formats, most of which are right revealing and sometimes lewd. For example, the so-called “hot tub” streams, in which she sits in a heated pool in a skimpy bikini, attracted a lot of attention.

Amouranth earns Millions

In September Amouranth lured them into their streams an average of 12,000 simultaneous viewers at. As the big Twitch leak revealed some time ago, the streamer earned with it about $ 1.3 million as of 2019 – only directly with Twitch. Not included are all sources of income apart from sponsorship and advertising partnerships.

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