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– To wrap up this year, the #Wacom Artwork event was held with the theme of ‘My 2021’.

– Anyone can apply as a digital artwork drawn with any digital device, including a Wacom tablet.

– The 1st prize will be given to the LCD tablet Cintiq Pro 16 and Starbucks coffee gift cards to all participants.

– From today to December 13th (Mon) on Instagram and Twitter

Wacom Korea (CEO Joohyung Kim, www.wacom.com) announced that to commemorate the release of the new LCD tablet Cintiq Pro 16, the #Wacom Artwork event, which shares the digital drawing work drawn by hand on SNS, will be held for two weeks from today to December 13.

The #Wacom Artwork event was planned to prepare a time to reflect on the special memories of the year ahead of the coming year-end. With the theme of ‘My 2021’, you can freely express the happy times, impressive memories, and memories you want to keep for a year with digital drawings. Any digital artwork drawn with any digital device, including a Wacom tablet, can be submitted. Analog hand-drawn artworks are excluded.

How to participate in the #Wacom Artwork event is simple. First, I use a Wacom tablet or digital creation equipment to complete a digital drawing that expresses ‘my 2021’. Upload the work to your personal Instagram or Twitter public account with the required hashtags (#WacomArtwork, #WacomArtworkEvent, #CintiqPro16, #WacomTablet, #Wacom, #artwork). Finally, on the event application page, write a post link and a description of the work and apply for participation.

The first place with the highest number of ‘likes’ among the submitted works will receive a recently released high-performance LCD tablet Cintiq Pro 16 worth about 1.79 million won as a gift. The first-place winner will also conduct an interview with the Wacom Challenge, which introduces the use of Wacom tablets on Wacom’s official blog and SNS. In addition, all participants who participated in the event and completed the application will receive a Starbucks coffee gift card as a gift.

The event period will be held for two weeks from November 29 (Mon) to December 13 (Mon), and the winner will be announced on Wacom’s official Instagram and Twitter on December 15 (Wednesday).

Wacom Korea CEO Kim Joo-hyung said, “The Wacom Tablet is a creative tool optimized for digital drawing, and is used by creators in various fields such as webtoons, illustrations, games, and emoticons. “I hope this #WacomArtwork event will be a meaningful time for more people to discover the joy of creation in their daily lives.”

Meanwhile, more details about the #WacomArtwork event can be found on the Wacom official blog.

Reporter Yoo Dong-shik [email protected]