Wasabi Mango, a discount event for 3 types of UHD TVs in the 50-inch range from Friday, November 26th | Ruri Web

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– Composed of the most in-demand products

Wasabi Mango (CEO Hwan-Jun Kim) is holding a special offer for three of its popular TVs.

This event, which runs until December 9th, is for a total of three models: 55-inch ‘ZEN U550 UHDTV MAX HDR’, ‘WM UN550 UHDTV MAX HDR i20’, and 58-inch ‘WM UV580 UHDTV MAX HDR’. .

All event models are equipped with a 10-bit VA panel with UHD 4K resolution, allowing you to express even the smallest details and enjoy a clear screen from any angle. It is convenient to use by connecting to a game console, as well as watching TV, watching videos, etc. It supports chroma subsampling 4:4:4 that shows a clear screen when connected to a PC, and it is equipped with various input/output ports such as HDMI 2.0 and optical audio terminal.

In addition, you can enjoy vivid sound by installing high-output and high-quality speakers, and you can use CEC / ARC, which is a volume control and power ON/OFF function, by connecting a sound bar and speaker.

In particular, the ‘WM UV580 UHDTV MAX HDR’ model has an energy efficiency grade 1, and the ‘WM UN550 UHDTV MAX HDR i20’ model supports a 120Hz refresh rate through MEMC technology.

The event products can be found at a special price with a discount of 40,000 won compared to the normal price, and detailed information can be found at the Wasabi Mango sales store, official blog, and price comparison site.

Reporter Yoo Dong-shik [email protected]