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The mobile collectible RPG ‘Blue Archive’, developed by Netgames MX Studio and published by Nexon, will undergo the first large-scale update on the 29th, and the new raid content ‘Shirokuro’ and new mysterious character characters 3-star Izuna and 2-star Izuko will be released on the 29th. will be presented Izuna and Izuko will be available as a pick-up recruitment event after the update maintenance on the 29th. Here, Haruna, a three-star student with mysterious properties, is also recruiting for pickup, and a total of three mysterious student characters will be available for pickup.

Considering that the second all-out war on the Japanese server, which started the service 9 months earlier, was ‘Hesed’, you can see that the update order of the Korean server and the Japanese server is different from the fact that this all-out war was ‘Shirokuro’. It has been confirmed that ‘future city’ was shaken when ‘Aru’ was introduced along with ‘Mashiro’ in the previous pickup recruitment, but this is the first time that the order of content update has changed to the extent that it affects the game.

One question arises here. That is, will the update direction of the Japanese server and the Korean server, which are in service 9 months earlier, be different? In relation to this, I was able to hear the detailed story in a joint interview with the Blue Archives held at the Nexon headquarters on the 26th. In the interview, EPD Kim Yong-ha and Cha Min-seo PD of Netgames participated.

(Left) Kim Yong-ha EPD, (Right) Cha Min-seo PD

● Starting with the recruitment of Aru pickups, the common future poem has been broken. As this All-Out War update is also confirmed as Shirokuro, it is possible to see a different direction from the Japanese server. What is the future direction of the Korean server update?

Minseo Cha: I think the word ‘future city’ itself has several meanings. For example, should all operations be the same, character updates should be the same, etc. We will proceed with this part referring to user opinions. Basically, the goal is to operate it not much different from the Japanese server. However, there may be schedule changes due to differences in release timing or content composition. As much as possible, Blue Archive users in all regions are working to get the same experience.

Yongha Kim: I agree with you about worrying about the future. I think I will be sensitive to the pick-up that I expected does not come, or the pick-up that I thought should not come at this time comes, but I am thinking about the schedule so as not to hurt it. Basically, we plan to follow the Japanese service update order. I think the tempo needs to be adjusted a bit. We will serve you without breaking the big frame.

● Then, why did you change the order of all-out war?

Minseo Cha: I changed it because I thought Shirokuro would suit me better. The change in the order of all-out wars has to do with shortening the overall schedule. The schedule cannot be exactly the same. I hope you think like that.




Is it because the pickup characters are all mysterious students? This all-out war is Shirokuro, not Chesed.

● It is 9 months apart from the Japanese server. If you adjust the schedule to catch up, when will the same version be operated?

Yongha Kim: I think it is very difficult both physically and experientially to suddenly reduce the 9-month gap. In a month with up to 5 weeks, there is a tendency to be boring because there is not enough content update in the last week, and we are thinking about reducing that part. When the 5th week occurs, it feels like it is abbreviated to the 4th week, and the pickup etc. will not be dramatically advanced. It seems to be a form of shortening the tempo only a little bit. Here, we want to update the convenience and stability updates in the direction of a quick fix.

● It is important to keep up with prior service content, but since updates can be predicted in advance, expectations for new ones are definitely low. Is there anything to show something new unique to the Korean server?

Yongha Kim: There was a lot of internal discussion about it. Making something unique to Korea is also breaking the future poetry, but it is difficult to predict the butterfly effect that it will bring, so I concluded that it would rather make the user experience better. Therefore, we want to minimize the release of something new or going differently. As mentioned, going exactly the same may lack novelty, so in non-game operations, we are preparing to show a different side through new IP expansion, etc. It seems difficult to say what we are going to do at this place since we have just started discussing it. I hope you look forward to next year.

● The recent Hatsune Miku collaboration on the Japanese server is getting good reviews. Can we see it in Korea?

Yongha Kim: Collaboration is a business involving external IP, so there are many things to consider in business. Since Japan has only recently introduced the service for a total of 9 months, it will take a little longer for it to be applied to Korea. I am only sorry for not being able to tell you a specific date. We hope that it can be introduced to Korean and global servers without any shortage.

● Recently, bugs and illegal activities have become an issue. I wonder if it was the same problem with the Japanese service, or if it was a new problem with the Korean server. Also, do you have any solutions for this?

Yongha Kim: There are two cases. The first is that Japan and Korea are the same, but Korea was in the early stages of service, so it was an error that could have a bigger impact. Naturally, the corresponding patch was carried out regardless of the order of the update. The second is nuclear, and in the case of nuclear weapons, the pattern of occurrence in Korea is different, and there are some things that have not been checked while serving in Korea, so we were not able to respond sufficiently. We have established an internal policy to sanction this, and are improving the system by establishing a sanctioning system. In the next patch, we plan to take measures in the operation tool to filter out illegal users.

Minseo Cha: We would like to apologize to all users who have suffered due to fraudulent users. In this regard, we plan to strictly adhere to the zero-tolerance principle and impose sanctions. It seems difficult to solve all problems at once. This is because the pattern is different every time, and there are new attempts. We will do our best to ensure that live operation is possible without any fuss, so as not to be a nuisance to users by thoroughly responding without tolerance.

Joint interview on-site photo 1_(Left) Kim Yong-Ha PD, (Right) Cha Min-Seo PD.jpg

● Bugs that occurred and confirmed in Japan’s precedent service were also confirmed in Korea and global. There are many users who have questions about how the development inspection is conducted and whether the number of people involved is small.

Yongha Kim: It is difficult to say that it is capable of sufficiently responding as it is aiming for global service not only in Japan and Korea, but also around the world, but I think the number of people currently is not small. In general, there are more people than the number of people involved when developing a subculture genre. Nevertheless, I am very sorry that such errors are occurring. QA is going through internal QA and publisher QA, and whenever users discover something they haven’t discovered, they feel ashamed. We are doing our best to respond as quickly as possible to minimize inconvenience. We will continue to show you how to get better.

● There are also issues related to translation. The translation is awkward, and in terms of graphics, there are many opinions that it is possible to change it to Korean, but it has not changed. There seems to be a lot of opinions like that, because the part that appears in Korean in the PV doesn’t appear in Korean in the actual game. What do you think about it?

Yongha Kim: In-game resources are working untouched. Of course, the text and event banners necessary for the game are localized, but I want to ask for your understanding that there is not enough room to localize all of the stage textures as they need to go global as well as in Korea. Since the goal is to provide the same experience across all regions, it is necessary to consider the problem of entering signs in English and Thai in some places. As much as possible, in-game graphic elements are considered in the form of maintaining the original Japanese service.

Yongha Kim: Regarding the translation, the original text was in Korean, and it was translated into Japanese and serviced in Japan, but when I went to Japan, there was feedback that the translation was strange. It is found that there is As you can see, it is being corrected. I should have done enough inspections, but I’m sorry for the lack of it. We are collecting reports as they are reported, and since that alone is not enough, we are considering introducing a system that can double check. I will refine the process to constantly improve the awkward parts.

● There are many complaints about the lack of Korean dubbing. I wonder if there are any plans to dub in Korean in the future.

Yongha Kim: Personally, I have a lot of greed for dubbing. However, it was not easy to dub while keeping the worldview or the whole context alive. Cost is not simply an issue. So, in Japanese, only the prologue was dubbed, and the story after that was not taken care of. If I can afford it, I want to take it, but there is a problem that there are not enough scenario writers, and there is a problem of prioritizing the dubbing of new characters. I’m sorry for not getting the full voice and dubbing by region, and I want to ask for your understanding.

Joint interview site photo_Kim Yong-ha PD.jpg

● There are reviews that the story update is slow on the Japanese server. What do you think about the interval or cycle of story update in the future?

Yongha Kim: I know there are feedbacks that the main story update is slow on the Japanese server. sorry. In the second half of the year, the update pace is being pushed a bit more than in the initial period. In Korea, we want to prepare an update plan so that the pace is not too late.

● Functions such as circles and schedules are relatively simple. It is pointed out as a factor that makes the game volume seem rather absent, and I wonder if there are plans for a reinforcement update.

Minseo Cha: I know there are such opinions. I don’t think we can satisfy everyone, but there are things we are preparing for the circle and schedule. It will be updated gradually.

Yongha Kim: Of course, circle-oriented gameplay has its good points, but there are also points to be wary of. There was also an internal discussion about whether it would be appropriate to add a game-like feature to the circle. The Japanese server seems to have become more active as the function of borrowing and participating in circles in the All-Out War has been introduced, but there were also reactions that felt burdensome. We are working on adding a circle-oriented function while thinking about various things. Additional convenience features are still being planned.

● Molluu emoticons created by users even before the release were popular. Were you aware of the existence of Molru from a long time ago, and what made you use it for marketing?

Yongha Kim: Perhaps the author tried Japanese service first, the community made an emoticon that said “Mol?Lu” by Arona, and the user response was good. When the Nexon division saw this, they gave an opinion about what it would be like to create an emoticon for Kakao and hold an event, and then proceeded with the Moluticon event. I am grateful for the very good response. Due to the nature of the Kakao emoticon event, it is disappointing that it can no longer be used when the period expires, but a second event is being prepared. It will be revealed soon.


Moluticon, which can no longer be used due to the expiration of the period, is scheduled to be held, and the second event will be held.

● Subculture games and secondary creation are inextricably linked. I wonder how far the Blue Archive has set the line for secondary creation support or copyright.

Yongha Kim: Regarding the secondary creation, we are contemplating various methods. There is nothing specific enough to be specific. I have hopes that it may be possible to plan secondary creations, notices related to copyright, and user events equivalent to nekoje. This is the part I am personally interested in.

● In less than a month since the launch of the Korean service, remarkable results have been achieved. On the other hand, there are many negative issues as well. As users have high expectations, I think it will be of great help to users if they draw a picture of how the Blue Archives Korean service will be implemented.

Yongha Kim: In terms of sales, the company’s expectations were somewhat satisfied. Personally, I think that it is more important for a new IP called Blue Archive to be loved by users for a long time rather than sales. In Japan, active secondary creations are continuing amid continued interest after launch, and I have hopes that it would be good to settle into an IP that can satisfy users more in Korea.

Minseo Cha: I don’t know where to go because I’m receiving unexpected love. It is difficult for mobile games to be loved for a long time, and I want to do my best as it is a difficult task. I am always thankful

Yongha Kim: For this, the first step is to provide stable service without betraying the expectations of users who have seen Japanese services. Of course, there are concerns about whether there should be a new part because it is so similar. Whether this development can be solved outside of the game seems to be a challenge in the future. Since we are discussing with the person in charge of the business, I hope you can look forward to the development outside of the game. There are still issues of nuclear and illegal use, and we will do our best to respond to them as quickly and agilely as possible.

● Lastly, is there anything you would like to say to Blue Archive fans?

Yongha Kim: The development team is all thankful for showing more love than expected. We will work hard to meet your love and expectations.

Minseo Cha: While developing, I did not think that it would become a game loved by all users in Korea and around the world. We will do our best to repay the warm love, and we will do our best to provide global service. Thank you.


Reporter Min-kyun Ahn [email protected]