Zelda: Ocarina of Time is now officially a PC game

Playing old video game classics on modern hardware is a dream for many. It doesn’t have to remain a dream, however, because groups of resourceful people keep coming together who make exactly that come true – albeit with illegal means.

For example, it was already Super Mario 64 brought to the PC. For this purpose, the source code of the game was created over many years of meticulous work
. This is the translation of the game’s original code back into human-readable program code. This made it possible for fans to create a Super Mario 64 version for the PC that can be played without an emulator.

With The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is now another Nintendo-Marke have been added, the source code of which will be available for similar uses.

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New opportunities for Ocarina of Time

Zelda 64 Reverse Engineering“is a team made up of many passionate programmers who have made it their mission to create the GameCube-Master-Quest-Version from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time to recreate.

After two years of work, the members can now be pleased that the game code can be read on modern computers using the same procedures that were used to reverse-translate Super Mario 64. According to a report by VGC the programmers announced the following to celebrate:

“Last night, Fig, who is both a notable community member and project leader, tweaked the last remaining feature of the project. That means all of the compiled code in the game has been turned into human-readable C code. We figured one For a long time that we might never be able to fully customize every feature, so this is an incredibly exciting achievement. “

the GameCube-Version was decisive for this, as these are some Debug commands contains that were helpful in the work. Besides, they also want other versions of Ocarina of Time transform and support them in their project.

With the help of the code, fans could now develop their own Ocarina of Time games. As with Super Mario 64, there are no limits to the imagination. For example, a PC version could be recreated one-to-one. The Nintendo classic could also be graphically updated and visual effects such as ray tracing brought into play.

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Will Nintendo sue?

This news, of course, raises questions about legality. According to the report, the group has so far only retranslated all of the Ocarina of Time code. The functions of the new code are therefore identical to the original, but the original assets are missing, such as graphics or sound.

Technically, Nintendo can probably not prosecute them like that yet. Still, releasing the self-made code allows other fans to use it new versions of Ocarina of Time to create. Especially one PC-Version is at Nintendo games always popular.

With the Super Mario 64 PC version, Nintendo reacted quickly. With a lawsuit, the publisher prevented the further distribution of the fan version and also obtained the deletion of any gameplay videos on YouTube with the Explanation:

“The copyrighted work is Nintendo’s video game Super Mario 64, including the audiovisual work, software, and fictional character representations that are protected under US copyright law. The reported file contains unauthorized derivative work that is based on Nintendo’s copyrighted work based. “

Once games using the code like this wie Ocarina of Time look and sound like that, Nintendo can prosecute those responsible. The team from “Zelda 64 Reverse Engineering” has therefore probably decided not to make any further changes outside of the refinement of their own code. Time will tell what others will do with it.

Would you be happy about an official PC port of Ocarina of Time?

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