Blue Archives First Massive Update

Data provided – Nexon

Nexon (CEO Lee Jung-heon) announced on the 30th that it had implemented the first large-scale update after its release to the subculture game ‘Blue Archive’ developed by its subsidiary Netgames (CEO Park Yong-hyun).

First of all, ‘Izuna’ and ‘Shizuko’ of ‘Baekgui Night Allied Academy’ appeared newly. ‘Izuna’ belongs to the Ninjutsu Research Department and is a ‘mystery’ attack type, and uses ‘EX Skill’, which increases attack speed for a certain period of time after moving to a designated location. ‘Shizuko’ works in the ‘Matsuri Operations and Management Department’ and increases the accuracy of allies with ‘EX Skill’ and additionally installs cover to prevent enemy attacks.

A new boss ‘Shiro & Kuro’ has also been added to the raid content ‘All-Out War’. ‘Shiro’ and ‘Kuro’ are two bosses that appeared in the closed theme park ‘Slumpia’, and strategic placement and utilization of characters is important by casting range attacks.

In addition, the event story ‘Cherry Blossom Festival Big Uproar’, which contains the story of ‘Baekgwi Night Travel Alliance Academy’, has been updated. This event story consists of a noisy story that takes place by inviting a teacher (user) to deal with the enemies who prevent them from preparing for the festival.

Items obtained by performing event missions can be exchanged for various reward items such as ‘Elef’ of ‘Chise’, ‘Pina’, ‘Tsubaki’ and ‘Tactical Education BD’. You can obtain various rewards such as ‘Gama’ and ‘Credits’. In addition, to commemorate the update of the event story, the in-game currency ‘1200 blue pyroxene’ was provided to users who logged in on the 29th.

In addition, new ‘sub-story’ contents ‘Matsuri Operation and Management Department’ and ‘Executive Department’ were newly introduced. When you acquire one or more characters belonging to the ‘Matsuri Operation and Management Department’ and the ‘Admission Department’, you can enjoy the story by unlocking the corresponding story content.

Nexon released the second emoji of ‘Mol? Lucon’, which was a sensation among users. Following the first episode, this KakaoTalk emoticon also contains interesting images of the ‘Blue Archive’ characters, and is presented to all users who have subscribed to the official YouTube channel.

On the other hand, ‘Blue Archive’ is a subculture game that contains exciting stories of various students set in academy city, and was officially released in Korea and global on November 9th.

Details of the ‘Blue Archive’ large-scale update can be found through the official community.