Com2uS Group’s new CI release, full-scale launch of a comprehensive content platform company

Data provided – Com2uS

Com2uS (CEO Song Jae-jun, Lee Joo-hwan) unveiled a new CI (Corporate Identity) containing the new vision of the group company and the meaning of integration on the 30th.

The new CI represents the future of Com2uS Group, which is leaping forward as a global comprehensive content platform company, encompassing block chain and metaverse, as an integrated image that combines the capabilities of Com2uS Group companies with the change of the name of Com2uS Holdings and presents it as a single brand.

A Com2uS official said that the smile icon, a symbol of Com2uS, has been changed to a more concise look, and represents the laughter of all of us that will be created through the harmony between daily life and leisure, and the connection between the present and the future. In addition, he added that it contains the meaning of the integration and mutual evolution of Com2uS Group, and conveys the purpose of Com2uS Group to deliver joy to everyone through content that will lead a new future.

In addition, the brighter ‘Com2uS Red’ color was applied to the entire CI as a single color, indicating Com2uS’s passion for opening the world with progressive and creative challenges for the future.

The new CI is commonly used by major group affiliates such as Com2uS, Com2uS Holdings, and Com2uS Platform, as well as all overseas subsidiaries. Com2uS plans to lead the global market by consolidating the core competencies of each group company around the integrated brand Com2us.

Meanwhile, Com2us will build its own content value chain in the future to build a metaverse platform ‘Com2verse’ of a unique blockchain economic system, and actively promote new games incorporating blockchain. It plans to expand into a comprehensive content platform company.