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– Added arena server battles where representative users of each of the 6 servers in ‘Summoners War’ battle and decide the best server

– 10,000 users per server are selected, and 200 teams of 50 people are formed to compete for 5 weeks, and an update commemorative event is held.

– Added 3 types of monster transmogs including Winter Seon, Winter Onmyoji, and Winter Geomungo Master, Start of Conquest War Season 7

Mobile game company Com2uS (CEO Jae-Jun Song, Joo-Hwan Song) has updated ‘Arena Server Battle’, a new battle content that selects the best server for the global hit ‘Summoners War: Arena in the Sky (hereafter Summoners War)’.

‘Arena Server Battle’ is asynchronous PvP content in which users representing a total of 6 servers of ‘Summoners War’ including Korea, Japan, China, Global, Asia, and Europe compete as a team to win the strongest server title. .

10,000 representative users are selected for each server through a pre-representative selection contest, and a team of 50 people is formed, and a total of 200 teams per server battle with other server teams. The duel will be held in a season system for about 5 weeks, and the server ranking will be determined according to the results of each round.

The first season’s representative selection will be held from December 6 to 13, and the match will be held from the afternoon of December 14 to the afternoon of January 16. During the server battle, you can check various information through the server battle menu in the game, and users who do not participate in the battle can check the battle status of their server.

In addition, Com2uS has added three types of transmogrification of winter snow theme, Winter Seonin, Winter Onmyoji, and Winter Geomungo Master, which can feel the winter atmosphere. The seventh season of Occupation Battle, a real-time guild all-out war with guild members, also begins. Conquest War Season 7 runs until February 11, and the Dimensional Goddess Unicorn Transmog is given as a season-limited reward.

Meanwhile, Com2uS is holding a commemorative event so that users can enjoy this new update more fun. Play the World Arena and Arena every day, including 2vs2 team matches, until January 16th, and if you win the match, various items will be presented depending on the number of wins.

In addition, they support their own server through ‘Cheering’ every day, and when they achieve a certain number of cheers, they provide items, and depending on the results of the server battle, a gift box containing several items is also provided.

For more information about the game and this update, visit the ‘Summoners War’ official cafe ( can be checked.

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]