D&DCom Launches Fanless X570 Gaming Motherboard, Asrock X570S PG Riptide | Ruri Web

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– X570 motherboard with fanless design to realize a silent system

– Gaming-specific hardware design: Killer LAN, Lightning port, graphic card holder, Nahimic Audio

– 6 innovative customer service benefits with D&D “Dynamic Care” service

ASRock motherboard and graphic card distributor D&Dcom (CEO: Yeo In-woo, hereafter D&D), leading the global PC DIY market with innovative technology, has a fanless design, PG Liptide is officially released.

The ASRock X570S PG Riptide motherboard to be released this time is a 2nd generation chipset (X570S) that improved the problems of the existing X570 motherboard, which could cause noise and durability problems due to the fan installed due to chipset heat problem. It is an X570 motherboard that can realize a silent system with a fanless hardware design.

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ASRock X570S PG Riptide adopts a Lightning USB port to handle keyboard and mouse inputs, which require the fastest response speed, with separate controllers, enabling faster and lag-free gaming than before. ASRock motherboard graphics card holder is included as standard Thus, the graphics card can be perfectly supported without a separate support stand.

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Reporter Yoo Dong-shik [email protected]