GIGABYTE Hosts a Review Event for Intel Z690 AORUS Motherboard Buyers

Data provided – GIGABYTE

GIGABYTE Technology Co., Ltd. To commemorate the launch of the Intel Z690 AORUS motherboard, LTD (hereinafter referred to as GIGABYTE) announced that it is conducting a review registration event for buyers.

For this event, if you purchase an Intel Z690 AORUS motherboard and register a review, 30 people will receive an AORUS Waterforce 360 ​​water cooling cooler through a lottery, and all purchasers will receive an Outriders game code when they register their motherboard purchase information.

Through this event, users who are planning to build Intel 12th generation CPU desktops and Intel Z690 AORUS motherboard buyers and prospective buyers are expected to receive a lot of attention by offering GIGABYTE exclusive benefits.

More detailed event details can be found on the AORUS Z690 series purchase event page.