Gran Saga wins ‘Competitive Game of the Year’ by Google Play

Data provided – NPixel

NPixel (co-representatives Bong-Gun Bae, Hyun-Ho Jung) announced on the 30th that the multi-platform MMORPG ‘Gran Saga’ developed and serviced by the company was selected as ‘Competitive Game of the Year’ at ‘Google Play Best of Awards 2021’.

Every year, Google Play selects and announces the winners in each category, including apps and games that have been loved by users throughout the year.

‘Gran Saga’ is the first title of NPixel, which depicts the adventures of the knights to save the kingdom.

An NPixel official said, “Thanks to the love and interest of many people this year, ‘Gran Saga’ was selected as the ‘Competitive Game of the Year’.

Meanwhile, ‘Gran Saga’ won the Excellence Award and Technology Creativity Award at the ‘Korea Game Awards’ held on the 17th, and the ‘King of Drama’, an advertisement campaign using the game, was recognized for its creative planning and won the ‘YouTube Works Awards’. Selected for the first Grand Prix in Korea.