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– Gyeonggi Creative Content Agency and Seoul Institute of the Arts Industry-University Cooperation Foundation cooperated with visible radio ‘Youth Sound x Starting Line Concert’

– Lee Moo-jin, Kim Tae-hyun (Dick Punks), Jung Seung-soo, Seoul Institute of the Arts Applied Music students appeared

– Available to watch on ‘Gyeonggi Music’ YouTube, Naver TV and ‘Youth Sound’ Podbang and Spoon Radio channels

The Gyeonggi Content Agency (President Min Se-hee, hereinafter Kyung Konjin) announced that it will release the ‘2021 Youth Sound × Starting Line Concert’ on December 1, which was produced in cooperation with the Seoul Institute of the Arts Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation (Director Kim Jae-ha).

‘2021 Youth Sound × Starting Line Concert’ is a visible radio where singers from Seoul Institute of the Arts and current students conduct talks and performances together.

The cast is ▲Singer Gain TOP3 ‘Moojin Lee’, ▲Dick Punk vocalist ‘Taehyun Kim’, ▲Seungsu Jeong (Willi Modern), a visiting professor and singer at Seoul Institute of the Arts, and students from the Department of Applied Music.

There will be two episodes depending on the cast.

In the ‘Lee Moo-Jin × Kim Tae-Hyun’ side, Lee Moo-Jin, who has made a mark on the public as a singer-songwriter with a unique color, tells a candid story about her life as a singer and herself.

In addition to his hit songs such as ‘Traffic Light’ and ‘Project Song’, Lee Moo-jin sang ‘viva Youth’ as ​​a duet with Kim Tae-hyun, raising the atmosphere of the scene.

In the episode of ‘Seoul University of the Arts Applied Music Department,’ Seoul Institute of the Arts guest professor and singer Jeong Seung-soo and students from the Department of Applied Music appear.

In addition to the warm story of the entrance exam, I tell them what music means to them.

Seungsoo Jeong and his students performed songs such as ‘Sit by the Rainy Window’, ‘Haven’t Met You Yet’, and ‘Goodbye’ with a sweet voice and excellent performance skills.

(Visible Radio) can be found on ‘Gyeonggi Music’ YouTube, Naver TV, ‘Youth Sound’ Podbang, and Spoon Radio.

For more information, visit the ‘Gyeonggi Music’ Facebook page ( and Instagram ( can be found in

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By Lee Myung-gyu, staff reporter [email protected]