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– 40 professional PUBG Mobile teams from around the world compete for a total prize money of $6 million

– Participated in the PMPS Season 2 winning team Damwon Kia in Korea

– The first match starts at 8 pm on November 30, and you can watch it on the official YouTube channel

Krafton Co., Ltd. (CEO Chang-Han Kim) announced the opening of the PUBG MOBILE GLOBAL CHAMPIONSHIP (PMGC) 2021, the top-level PUBG Mobile esports tournament.

PMGC 2021, which starts on November 30, is the top-level e-sports online competition in which the world’s top PUBG mobile professional teams participate. Weekly duel.

PMGC 2021 consists of ▲3 weeks of League Stage and League Super Weekend (11/30-12/19), ▲League Finals (12/22-24) and ▲Grand Finals (1/21-23). The League match, which starts on the 30th, will be divided into 40 teams, EAST and WEST. In League Stage, held every Tuesday and Wednesday, 20 teams from each region are divided into 5 groups through a draw, and 4 groups of matches are played. There are 4 teams per group, with a total of 16 teams competing in each match. The top 16 teams with the most points from the League Stage will advance to the League Super Weekend, which runs from Friday to Sunday.

A total of 16 teams will compete in the Grand Finals, based on the League Super Weekend points held for three weeks, the top 9 teams in the EAST, the top 6 teams in the WEST, and one invitation from India.

The team with the most points in the three-day Grand Finals becomes the champion of PMGC 2021.

From Korea, PMPS Season 2 winner DWG KIA (Damwon Kia) will participate. DWG KIA belongs to EAST and was assigned to Group C along with DX from Vietnam and R8T and CS from the Middle East.

This PMGC 2021, in which YouTube participates as a sponsor, will be broadcast exclusively on the PUBG Mobile’s official YouTube channel from 8 pm on November 30th.

For more information on PMGC 2021, visit the official Battlegrounds Mobile Cafe ( can be found in

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By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]