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– A project to support a new daily life after Corona 19 with various artists

– Release of the first soundtrack ‘Phantom Payphone’ with ‘D-Hack’ and ‘Lee Su-jin’… Available from 6pm on the 30th

Fever, a cultural content brand of NCsoft (CEO Taek-Jin Kim, hereinafter referred to as NC), will release the first sound source of the new project ‘Imagination’, ‘Illusion Public Phone’ on the 30th (Tuesday).

‘Pleasant Imagination’ is a project that supports a new daily life after Corona 19. NC plans to present a variety of music sources with themes such as excitement, freedom, and meeting with domestic artists.

Fever will release the first music source of pleasant imagination, ‘Phantom Payphone’, on major music sites today at 6 pm. Rappers D-Hack and Sujin Lee (Group Weekly) participated as artists. It is characterized by expressing the emotions of waiting and excitement through a public phone, a newtro item.

NC is delivering new pleasures in various fields through its cultural content brand Fever. More details about the Fun Imagination Project can be found on the official social media.

More details about the ‘Fun Imagination’ project can be found on the official social media.

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By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]