Neptune invests 5 billion won in AI solution company Sentience

Source: Neptune

Neptune will invest 5 billion won in Sentience (CEO Kwon Hye-yeon), an AI solution company based on behavioral economics.

Founded in 2015, Sentience is based on ‘Behavioral Economics AI’ that studies the psychological, social, cognitive, and emotional factors that affect users’ in-game decision-making to model the causes of user behavior and learn from data. It is a technology company that develops and supplies a user analysis AI solution called ‘TENTUPLAY’.

Since 2019, he has been invited as a presenter to the world’s largest game developer conferences (GDC, PGC, devcom, PAXDEV, etc.) every year to introduce Ten2Play and demonstrate advanced AI technology.

Ten2Play was officially launched in September 2020, and has increased both the game survival rate and in-app purchases by analyzing data from 16 customers, 22 games, and 2.7 million cumulative game users. In recognition of its technological prowess, it was recently selected as a finalist in the Best Tools PROVIDER category at the Pocket Gamer Mobile Game Awards.

Based on the analysis results, Ten2Play recommends game strategies, contents, and items that are appropriate for the user’s inclination and situation. Such customized recommendations are services that Amazon and Netflix have been leading in the commerce and media fields, and have recently been very popular in the game field as well.

Kwon Hye-yeon, CEO of Sentience, said, “We expect that Sentience’s AI technology, which helps game users enjoy games more fun, will be accelerated by Neptune’s support.” “We plan to expand the service area to Metaverse in the future.” told

Taewoong Yoo, CEO of Neptune, said, “I am very happy to solidify a partnership with a company with leading and unrivaled technology such as Sentience. I decided to make this investment because I thought it was technology.”