NHN Edu Signs MOU with Asian Education Association’s ‘High Touch High Tech (HTHT)’ education business | Ruri Web

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– Transmitting the concept and knowledge of global citizens in the virtual education space within the Metaverse platform… Includes environmental and health education content

– Collaborate in the direction of strengthening emotional sympathy between teacher-student and student-student using the metaverse space

Edutech company NHN Edu (co-representatives Won-dong Yeo and Ho-seon Na) signed an MOU with the Asian Education Association (Chairman Lee Joo-ho, former Minister of Education, Science and Technology), an educational innovation project organization, on November 30 at Front One in Mapo-gu, Seoul. said he did NHN Edu has signed MOUs with the Korea Federation of Teachers’ Organizations (KFK) and the KAIST MIP/Delta Research Center one after another to strengthen the educational metaverse content.

NHN Edu is planning multi-faceted cooperation to launch a new educational metaverse platform service in the first half of next year. This MOU was signed with the Asian Education Association, which has been promoting educational innovation projects, with the goal of creating future educational values ​​that will be drawn by cutting-edge technology using the metaverse space.

With the signing of the MOU, the Asian Education Association will host a virtual education space on NHN Edu’s Metaverse platform and conduct global citizenship education. Educational contents are developed and distributed under the motto of the Asian Education Association, HTHT (High Touch High Tech). The Asian Education Association aims to achieve high-touch high-tech, a learning model that enhances students’ cognitive and social-emotional competencies such as creativity and personality by utilizing new technologies such as Metaverse and AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the education field.

The target audience starts from elementary and middle school students, and is considering global education targeting higher education and overseas. Content topics deal with the essential competencies and attitudes required as citizens to live in the future, such as environmental education on climate change, health education related to pandemics, and education to nurture the skills of democratic and global citizens. In the future, it is planned to expand the scope of cooperative projects using the metaverse space and to strengthen the emotional rapport between teachers-students and students-students, which has been pointed out as a limitation of existing non-face-to-face classes.

NHN Edu CEO Yeo Won-dong said, “The signing of this MOU with the Asian Education Association, which has pioneered innovation in the education world, will be a great help in finding the direction the Metaverse platform will pursue. We will do our best to cooperate in the future so that the content can be expanded to a variety of topics.”

Lee Joo-ho, president of the Asian Education Association, said, “We will introduce the HTHT education method designed to develop problem-solving skills necessary in the real world to the Metaverse education platform, which has recently become a non-face-to-face field education. Content will be the most timely attempt in today’s era of fundamental re-examination of the meaning of ‘education itself’.”

November 30th Asia Education Association Chairman Lee Joo-ho(left)and NHN Edu CEO Yeo Won-dong(right)signed an MOU to strengthen metaverse educational contents.

By Lee Myung-gyu, staff reporter [email protected]