To become a regional representative company through the success of game advancement

Naju–(Korea Newswire) November 30, 2021 — The offline market is stagnating due to the prolonged corona virus and it is changing into a non-face-to-face economic era. It also changed the landscape of the VR game market.

In the meantime, the main source of revenue for VR games was offline, but due to social distancing restrictions on going out, it suffered a stagnation. Ordinary users who used to experience VR games in multi-use facilities are now trying to enjoy the games in their bedrooms. In fact, as VR technology has become popular at a stable and reasonable price, the demand for personal VR headsets has also increased significantly.

There is a company that is making high-quality VR games by responding quickly to changes in the consumer market. This is Pingosoft (CEO Bae In Bae). Pinkosoft was founded in Naju, Jeollanam-do in 2016 to develop AR and VR contents. CEO Bae Jeong-in started his footsteps in the digital content industry in 1997 as a music director. After that, he built his career step by step by going through the companies that asked for it to be released, and gave lectures at educational institutions such as Chonnam National University of Science and Technology and Korea Academy of Arts.

Pingosoft has grown into a company specializing in AR and VR contents, and is continuously developing contents and producing results. Currently, it is receiving production support for game advancement through the 2021 Jeonnam region-based game industry development project. CEO Bae Bae-in said, “The support project is a great help to small companies that need development funds, and it is a great opportunity to get their ideas evaluated.”

Pingosoft is in the midst of promoting the advancement of games, both online and offline. Last year, it developed a high-quality VR game loaded with about 10 types of content that can be enjoyed by 2 to 4 people. Recently, as it has become difficult to operate and use offline VR experience rooms, the company is promoting the influx of general users online to solve the problem of declining sales. Beyond simply moving from offline to online, we are working hard to lay a foothold to create new added value.

It does not neglect the update requests from distributors and consumers. It does not neglect to add or update contents to VR delivered to the ‘5G Media Demonstration Experience Center’ of the Gwangju Cultural Foundation, which opened in November of last year, and 5G-based immersive media contents from large mobile carriers. It is to build trust with customers through continuous updates and real-time responses even after the completion of the task. To preemptively respond to business expansion and new changes, we set up a strategy and put it into practice.

Pingosoft’s flagship games are produced by appropriately adding competition and interest. The concept is to hold a fun online sports day while competing with friends. It is a collection of Olympic-style VR games in which several players compete together, and it is a game that can be played in a variety of ways through cute characters and simple rules. It is a pleasant game that increases the immersion of the space from a first-person point of view and determines the outcome of the game. It is a casual genre that can be easily enjoyed and continuously provides content to increase the lifespan and stability of the game.

As content is added, the quality is also improved. Breaking away from the existing method that could only be enjoyed offline, you can enjoy it with other people in a non-face-to-face online environment. The graphic upgrade creates an atmosphere like a Pixar animation. Through a user-friendly configuration, the entire UI is replaced with an intuitive UI and a graphic design element full of excitement is added. It is a wireless VR device without wires, not expensive and cumbersome VR, and replaces it with an HMD that does not require installation or equipment.

CEO Bae Bae-in is contemplating not only the growth of the company but also his role in the region. It also has the aspiration to “grow as a representative content company in the region”. The determination to contribute to the cultural development of the Jeollanam-do region while creating an employment effect through the recruitment of new personnel is also remarkable. Meanwhile, Jeollanam-do is nurturing tangible games combined with immersive media infrastructure, and is continuing support projects with the goal of establishing an ecosystem for the Jeonnam game industry and fostering global game companies.

Jeonnam Global Game Center Overview

Jeonnam Global Game Center is nurturing tangible games combined with immersive media infrastructure, and supports it with the goal of establishing an ecosystem for the Jeonnam game industry and fostering global game companies.


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