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– 11/30, Webzen’s ‘Mu Origin’ iPhone users unveiled the 6th new class ‘Saints’

– Added ‘God’s Shield’ that absorbs damage and protects characters, ‘Illusion Equipment’ that acquires various properties, etc.

– Mu Origin, held a quiz event related to new content at the official cafe and presented game items

Webzen (CEO Tae-young Kim, http://company.webzen.com) applies the ‘Saints’ update to the iOS version of this long-lived mobile MMORPG ‘Mu Origin’.

Webzen today (November 30) is adding a number of new contents such as ‘Saints’, ‘God’s Shield’, and ‘Fantasy Equipment’ for iPhone users of ‘Mu Origin’. This update was first applied to the Android version in October.

The core content of this update is ‘Saints’. Saints, the sixth class of ‘Mu Origin’, is a magical class that uses scepters and laws as weapons. He uses holy magic as his main weapon, a scepter, and uses ‘Holy Flame’ and ‘Starlight Chain’ as his main skills.

In addition, ‘God’s Shield’ is content that enhances a character’s basic options. Equipping the God’s Shield grants a shield limit to the character, absorbing damage when attacked by the enemy instead. Shields have durability, and durability will recover over time.

Webzen also prepared a new equipment called ‘Illusion Equipment’. Each time you activate each of the six ‘natures’, unique properties and skills are applied. If you activate 2 or 4 natures, additional options are granted, and if you activate all natures, not only additional options but also exclusive skills and exclusive appearances are released.

Lastly, ‘The Battle for the Prince’ is a tournament-style server competition in which fierce competition is expected. You can participate in the match according to the character’s combat power ranking, and you will receive rewards such as ‘new title’ and ‘King Trophy’ based on the match result.

Meanwhile, Webzen operates a guerrilla event at the official cafe of ‘Mu Origin’. If you participate in a quiz event about new content, various game items are presented.

For more information about the iPhone update and events of the ‘Saint Priest’ of the long-lived mobile game ‘Mu Origin’, visit the official cafe (http://cafe.naver.com/themuorigin) can be found in

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]