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– “Collaboration Announcement Broadcast” on the special teaser site will be broadcast & announced on December 4th (Sat) 18:00

A collaboration with “SQUARE ENIX” has been decided from Wright Flyer Studios’ single-player JRPG “Another Eden A Cat Beyond Time and Space” released on the App Store, Google Play(TM) and Steam. The details of the collaboration will be revealed in 「Another Eden Collaboration Announcement Broadcast」, which will be broadcast at 18:00 on Saturday, December 4th, and the teaser site was released on November 30th.

“Another Eden” Collaboration Announcement Broadcast Teaser Site

Simultaneous global release “Another Eden Collaboration Announcement Broadcast”

“Another Eden Collaboration Announcement Broadcast” will be broadcast on Saturday, December 4, 2021.

This broadcast will be broadcast simultaneously in four languages: Japanese, English, Traditional Chinese, and Korean.

In the broadcast, the contents of collaboration with SQUARE ENIX’s work will be announced as the 3rd volume of “Concert”, another Eden collaboration scenario content.

The name of the collaboration work will be announced at the beginning of the broadcast, so please watch it a lot.

Official YouTube URL:

air date

December 4, 2021 (Sat) 18:00~


Global development team member (appearance)

Rayyan, Backy

Development team member (VTR appearance)

Masato Kato (Scenario, Director)

Daisuke Takeshima (Director)

Egusa Takahito (Art Director)

Choi, Choi (Character Design)

Broadcast contents and performers may change. Please understand this.

For more information about the broadcast, please check the announcement on the official website, etc.

Another Eden: Cats Beyond Time and Space Title Overview

◆ Game Title: Another Eden: A Cat Beyond Time and Space

◆ Official site:

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・Official Facebook:

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◆ Store Link

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◆ Game genre: RPG

For detailed information, please check the notice on the official site, etc.

Please note that the above information is subject to change.

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]