World of Warships Blitz X Warhammer 40,000

Data provided – Wargaming

Wargaming, a professional development and publisher of MMO strategy games, announced on December 2 that it will add ‘Warhammer 40,000’ (hereinafter ‘Warhammer 40,000’) theme content to its mobile game ‘World of Warships Blitz’. .

New Tier VIII ships, Ragnarok and Ignis Purgatio, are added, each with their own camouflage and a themed commander with a unique voice that provides additional upgrades when equipped. Captain Justinian Lyons XIII of Ignis Purgatio, who leads the Imperium of Man, has the ability to temporarily increase the range of secondary guns and anti-aircraft weapons, and can wear the Guardian camouflage of Faith. Arthas Roqthar the Cold, commander of Chaos and commander of Ragnarok, has the ability to increase top speed, gun accuracy and reload speed, and can be equipped with the Primordial Destroyer camouflage.

Alex Sou, World of Warships Blitz Product Manager, Wargaming said, “We are excited to present to players the unique ships, commanders and camouflages of ‘Warhammer 40,000’. Warhammer 40,000-themed content has already received a good response on World of Warships PC. We hope that World of Warships Blitz players will also enjoy this opportunity to enjoy different content with a gloomy atmosphere.”

Newly added special contents can be obtained from the Premium Shop. For more information about World of Warships Blitz’s Warhammer 40,000-themed content, please visit the official website of World of Warships Blitz.