YJM Games incorporated as a subsidiary of graphic studio Bombus

Data provided – YJM Games

YJM Games (193250) announced on the 30th that it would acquire Korea’s No. 1 graphic studio Bombus through its affiliate OneMuls, incorporate it as a subsidiary, and start the Metaverse business in earnest.

The acquisition will be carried out with a 100% stake, and Bombus will be incorporated as a wholly owned subsidiary of OneMuls and will focus on graphic production business, game content development business, and Metaverse business.

OneMuls, which has been playing a leading role in the VR industry since 2016, plans to secure full-level graphic production capabilities by acquiring Bombus, the largest graphic studio in Korea, and expand synergies in the metaverse business.

The strategy is to expand the Metaverse business model to cover all areas by conducting content business through active collaboration with large game companies and platform operators in the future based on graphic design capabilities, which is the strength of Bombus.

Bombus is the largest graphic production studio in Korea established in 2018 and has about 260 professional manpower. Recognized for its graphic technology by global game companies, it is collaborating with large clients at home and abroad, and through overseas base studios, it is providing services that meet various types of graphic needs of clients, such as hand paint, realistic characters, and background work.

Meanwhile, Onemus, an affiliate of YJM Games, is the largest VR developer in Korea with experience of 10 types of services developed in-house at 200 stations in 10 countries around the world. We have experience in exporting VR contents overseas to North America, China, and Europe, and have a number of partners, and we are planning to launch new businesses targeting the global market by combining the infrastructure and strengths of the existing OneMels with Bombus. plan.

YJM Games Co., Ltd. and Action Square Co., Ltd. Chairman Min Yong-jae said, “Through this acquisition, it is expected that the business synergy between Korea’s largest VR developer, Onemusle, and Korea’s largest graphic producer, Bombus, will be very great.” Through strategic collaboration, we will take the lead in the next-generation game market such as Metaverse and P2E games.”