Santa Claus visits Battlefield 2042, players are not thrilled

Like many other games today, the launch of Battlefield 2042 wasn’t exactly that smooth. The title currently owns about on Steam 60,000 user reviews, of which just 35 percent are positive. This gives the game a “Mostly Negative” status.

Also the Player numbers of the shooter on Steam are constantly falling, of the 100,000 concurrent players about two weeks ago, only about 25,000 are left. DICE has tried Battlefield 2042 since the game was released (buy now € 54.99 /53,99 € ) put in a presentable state. For example, Update 3 was released today, which contains 150 fixes for the numerous bugs in the game.

Battlefield players don’t like Santa Claus

However, this new patch also included one Set of cosmetic itemswhich were probably accidentally revealed too early. Players were not at all enthusiastic about the new items, some of them were compared to “Fortnite-Skins”.

Especially the one “Father Winter”-Skin caused quite a bit of anger in the Battlefield community. This gives the figure Pyotr Boris Guskovsky a red jacket, paired with a voluminous, white beard. The skin is a clear reference to Santa Claus, which for many players does not fit into the realistic, gloomy atmosphere of the game.

Battlefield players aren’t thrilled to have their game anymore Similar to titles like Fortnite, which have numerous “funny” and absurd skins. For example, write a Reddit users in response to the post “Fortnite 2042”:

“Dice expects me to be able to take the game seriously while Santa Clauses are running around and shooting people in a world where natural disasters are devastating the planet and there’s a massive proxy war going on. And we’re supposed to take all of that into account when fucking Santa on the Battlefield running around. “

Similar complaints and some funny taunts there was already about the post-game animations of the various characters.

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