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– Acquire various rewards such as new hunting content ‘The King’s Rest’ and engraving stones

– Convenience improvement patch progress, 60 frame graphic option support

– 5th anniversary event, limited skins and all 62 heroes provided just by logging in

Joy City (CEO Cho Seong-won) announced on the 3rd that it had implemented a large-scale update to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the mobile simulation game ‘Great Sailing: Ocean and Empire’.

First, a new hunting content ‘The King’s Rest’ was introduced. ‘The King’s Rest’ is an ancient city kingdom that was destroyed by the King of Corruption, and the player receives the request of the residents to subdue the King of Corruption and his guardians. You can obtain various rewards by using the daily subjugation ticket to defeat the monsters in ‘The King’s Rest’.

In addition, the ancient kingdom engraving was added. It is a new growth content that can grow with the imprinted stone obtained from ‘The King’s Rest’, and consists of three pages: ‘Foundation’, ‘Resurrection’, and ‘Falling’. Each page consists of 8 engravings, and the engravings on the page are randomly assigned when the engraving is changed. When the desired option is given to the engraving, the option of the engraving can be maintained and protected with the fixing function.

In addition, various convenience improvement patches were made. The ‘Legendary Experience Book’ has been added to help the growth of high-level heroes, and the research UI has been reorganized. In addition, after this update, a 60-frame graphic option is supported, which is expected to enable more pleasant play.

To commemorate the 5th anniversary update, a wealth of events will be held. If you log in until the 22nd after the update, you will be given a gift that allows you to get a limited edition skin for the 5th anniversary and all 62 heroes in ‘Great Battle of the Sea’. In addition, various growth items can be obtained by using the ‘5th Anniversary Cake’ given when performing the event task, and 5th anniversary fortress skins and rare goods are provided according to the accumulated usage.

More detailed information about ‘Great War: Ocean and Empire’ can be found in the official community.

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By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]