GTA Vice City: All 15 shops raided & robbed (map & video)

In the GTA Vice City Definitive Edition you can rob 15 different shops and earn quick money. At this point we show you the locations of all 15 shops to be robbed on the map and in the video.

Locations of all 15 shops for raids (GTA Vice City)

If you have a gun with you, you can enter 15 different shops on the Vice City map and start a robbery. To do this, you have to point the gun at the seller at the counter and then wait for the wads of money to appear in front of him. The longer you wait, the more money appears, but the higher your wanted level rises.

The loot and wanted stars increase as follows:

  • 1. Bundle of Money – $ 100 (No Star)
  • 2. Bundle of Money – $ 150 (One Star)
  • 3. Bundle of Money – $ 400 (Two Stars)
  • 4. Bundle of Money – $ 1,000 (Three Stars)

If you want to achieve 100% completion of the game in the statistics, you must successfully raid all 15 shops. It is sufficient if you only collect the first wad of money. As a result, the shop is considered robbed for the statistics. Pay attention to the corresponding entry in the statistics menu.

Tip: As soon as you no longer threaten the seller, i.e. no longer aim the gun at him, he will immediately trigger the alarm. You will then get 2 wanted stars. If you want to prevent that, you should wait for the first wad of money to spawn and then shoot the seller. You will then get one, but sometimes no wanted star. This way you can rob all 15 shops for 100% in quick succession without getting too much stress with the police.

On the following map we have marked the locations of all 15 shops in GTA Vice City:

Fundorte aller 15 Läden (GTA Vice City).
Locations of all 15 shops (GTA Vice City).

In the following video we also show you the locations of the shops and we also raid every shop there. Below the video you will find timecodes and the names of the shops according to the numbering on the map above.


  • 0:00 – #1 Bunch of Tools (Washington Beach)
  • 0:48 – #2 Jeweler (Vice Point)
  • 1:17 – # 3 Apotheke (Vice Point)
  • 1:47 – #4 Supermarkt (Vice Point)
  • 2:19 – #5 Gash (North Point Mall)
  • 3:05 – #6 Tooled Up (North Point Mall)
  • 3:32 – #7 Vinyl Countdown (North Point Mall)
  • 4:05 – #8 Juwelier (North Point Mall)
  • 4:42 – #9 Jeweler (Downtown)
  • 5:10 – # 10 pharmacy (Downtown)
  • 5:36 – #11 Ryton Aide (Little Haiti)
  • 6:07 – #12 Laundromat (Little Havana)
  • 6:32 – #13 Robina’s Cafe Cubano (Little Havana)
  • 6:58 – #14 Screw This (Little Havana)
  • 7:29 – #15 Calleggi Delicatessen Restaurant (Little Havana)

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