Game publisher Fangsky and Medium to create an NFT-based game platform

Medium, a company specializing in high-speed blockchain(Representative Kim Pan-jong)and game publisher Fangsky Co., Ltd.(Representative Ji Heon-min)next year 4For blockchain games ahead of the monthly launch ‘NFT based game platform joint venture It was announced on the 7th that the contract was signed. Through a meeting with a global game company and a blockchain specialized company, the two companies started accelerating the blockchain platform business in earnest..

Fangsky recently dragon raja originis in service PC MMORPG ‘RFonlineclass Shin Muk-hon online As a game publishing company that provides services such as, Signed a global publishing contract with a small and medium-sized game developer and RPG ‘God of High Schoolis also active in North America. Fangsky last month 29After establishing a dedicated organization for the full-fledged operation of the block chain game business in Japan, it has entered into an aggressive block chain game market by signing a block chain game platform development contract with Medium..

Medium is a blockchain research and development company with world-class high-performance core technology.. blockchain solution MDL(Medium Distributed Ledger)and high-performance blockchain platform Medium Chainhas, Last 1Month Korea Testing and Certification Institute(KOTCA)Through the 14,142TPS check the speed.

Through this contract, both companies, NFT Activate all ecosystems The plan is to secure the reliability of game contents through blockchain and further contribute to the revitalization of global blockchain games..

For this, Medium is the mainnet node., SDK, Wallet Blockchain launched by Fangsky by providing various technologies such as.NFT Responsible for developing a high-performance blockchain game platform that allows games to run smoothly. goal next year 4It is the preparation for the platform service of the sequel to Fang Sky, which will be poured out at the same time as the successful settlement of the blockchain game to be launched for the first time in January..

Fangsky next year 4Including blockchain games to be launched monthly.NFT We plan to focus on developing high-quality game contents such as game development and publishing.. A Fangsky official said this Blockchain is growing at a tremendous rate.NFT Southeast Asia for successful entry into the field, Mobilize all resources such as excellent content and marketing power active in North America, etc.He revealed his aspirations for a blockchain game to be released next year..

the medium side The fruits of concentrating on high-performance blockchain core technology are, It is being expressed across the public service domain., Medium is striving to build a high-performance blockchain platform that suits it.. Although excellent technology is known to the public, there are various difficulties, We will do our best to provide Fangsky’s excellent contents quickly and safely without giving in.He emphasized the role of a company specializing in R&D..

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