New World: Amazon messes with Steam players

The MMORPG from Amazon got off to a phenomenal start and attracted tons of gamers. But this enthusiasm for New World seems to be gradually disappearing. The ratings and player numbers on Steam now speak a completely different language.

New World: The hype is fading

While New World was really overrun at the time of the release and had to struggle with long queues, this rush is more than over after a little over two months. If you look at the number of players on Steam today, it is from the previous record of almost a million gamblers not much left. (Source: Steamcharts)

Instead, the MMORPG from Amazon currently only barely ranks in record times 145,000 players around. Certainly a natural waning after a long time is normal, but if you look at the reviews on Steam, the reasons for the decrease become clearer.

Balanced Steam rating

At the launch, New World was able to take first place among the Steam top sellers for a long time and at the same time with a very positive review shine on the part of the players. A completely different wind is now blowing in the reviews. Only 69 percent of the gamblers give New World a positive rating. (Source: Steam)

That will come with an overall rating of “Balanced” fined. Again and again will Criticism of the various updates loud, which change the core mechanics of the MMO and thus cause frustration. The changed drop rate of elementary particles is also part of the common criticism.

These ongoing changes have arguably led to a decline in the number of players. Among the top reviews there is mainly criticism of the sluggish and complex progress in the course of the game, the boring endgame and the developers deliberately ignoring feedback on the test servers.

On top of that they tarnish lots of bugs the gaming experience. The developers of New World work tirelessly on the Elimination of errors, but evidently they are adjusting the screws to the taste of the community.

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