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On the 8th, Nexon held a winter showcase ‘Great Trade Era’ of the MMORPG ‘Mabinogi’ that it is servicing. In this showcase, Director Min Kyung-hoon took the place and summarized the RE:UNION project that was carried out in May. And the content to be presented in the future was explained.

This meeting, which started with a harp performance of ‘An old legend my grandmother told me when I was young’, is the first part of the RE:UNION project. Then, it was divided into two parts focusing on the reorganization and expansion of the trading system, and the contents were delivered for about two hours. In the winter showcase, Nexon Director Min Kyung-hoon and Contents Team Leader Choi Dong-min were present to explain related contents.

First, Director Min Kyung-hoon delivered the results and expectations of RE:UNION in the first half and the second half to the viewers. As a lot of things happened this year, the intention is to organize the changes after the meeting. It was an urgent situation to reorganize the contents that had to change the vast contents by grasping the improvements organized since the last meeting.

Accordingly, Mabinogi set several changes as a priority and went through modifications. A new dungeon called ‘Chrome Bath Dungeon’ has been added for high-level entertainment, and dungeon reorganization and combat talent balancing have also been devised to improve the battle play experience. In this regard, Director Min Kyung-hoon emphasized again that he is making an effort to improve the fundamentals without losing the basics.

Reorganization of life and trade outside of combat. And improved convenience and graphics. A reorganization of the crafting tools, which had been a problem, was also carried out. Although it is not currently publicly available, client improvements are being prepared. These changes are underway under the direction of improving the play experience and game fundamentals.

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There have been about 200 major changes in the past. Added blinking effect starting with server machine replacement in March. From the beginning of this year to the present, steady changes have been made, such as improving the convenience of Romantic Farm. Of course, there are shades of these changes.

Director Min Kyung-hoon said, “There was a negligence in the products we thought and put in with inertia about the issues that came with changes such as the timing of acquiring bags and motion wigs. I wasn’t careful. In the future, I will show you how to make an effort so that this kind of thing does not repeat itself.”

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The results of the reorganization of combat skills, which were applied twice, were also revealed. It can be seen that the frequency of use of the overall skill has increased after the reorganization. Skills that have been changed are recording more skill usage than before. Although it varies depending on the dungeon, it has resulted in an increase in the usage rate of the skill in charge of the main dealing for each talent.

The development team will look at the skill usage rate according to the dungeon in talent balancing, and plan to compensate for the shortcomings and provide a variety of play. In the future, the balance patch will be carried out periodically, emphasizing that Mabinogi is a process of continuous change and growth.

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On the other hand, along with this battle talent reorganization, changes in dungeons have also come. The rewards and difficulty adjustments of the dungeons were made, and the clear time of the related dungeons and missions was noticeably changed as a result.

In the case of Ulla Dungeon, the play time significantly decreased after the reorganization, and the shadow mission obtained more utilization through the reorganization. The time it takes to play one mission has been significantly reduced. Taltin defense is 73%. Scout rescues were reduced by 64%. This is the result of missions that have a mission structure and a reduced monster spawn cycle reduction cycle applied.

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Results related to multiple clients were also published. This is a figure achieved through a system that mitigates the benefits of multiple clients and a reorganization of the reward system. After the measures, it was confirmed that the number of multi-client users decreased in some missions and dungeons. However, it is difficult to judge that effective measures have been taken based on indicators alone.

Director Min Kyung-hoon said, ‘It is true that we have the root cause’ in relation to multiple clients. However, the current development team does not want multiple clients to feel hurdles or deprivation for players. He said that he would lead change in the long term. After that, we plan to take steps to compensate for battles similar to when using Dacla, and through this, we plan to reorganize the game so that you can enjoy the game without using multiple clients.

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The upper dungeon is undergoing additional polishing in relation to the ‘Chrome Bath’. It is also planned to adjust the difficulty, such as the use of evasion by analyzing the indicators from the players’ play. These data will be considered for talent balancing in the future, and we are aiming to reorganize the dungeon structure using various talents.

There was also talk of restructuring the repair cost. After the reorganization, the proportion of paid repairs increased, and the cost of repairs per person decreased by 36%. Although the proportion of paid repairs has increased, the average repair cost paid by players has actually decreased. Improvements in repair costs lead to an increase in the dungeon usage rate, which can be interpreted as reducing the burden of dungeon play.

Changes related to repair costs will be made in the future. To solve the problem of excessive enchantment multiplier, we are also planning to adjust the balance between the attack speed for each weapon and the consumption speed difference depending on the number of hits. If you look at the goal of this reorganization, the ultimate goal is to make sure you don’t feel like you’re losing money when you play battle content.

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Combat skills and dungeons. Mabinogi, which has undergone many reorganizations such as convenience and repair costs, is currently preparing an update with the goal of improving and expanding the trade system. Director Min Kyung-hoon said, “Looking back on this year, there were many lessons and regrets.”

Accordingly, Mabinogi plans to apply changes in five directions in the long term. There are five main directions for future development. Improvement of play experience / improvement of early growth / reinforcement of growth motivation / improvement of convenience / improvement of graphics.

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Play experience is a reasonable reward or sense of accomplishment. In the process, we want to reorganize it so that the play can be a pleasant experience, and since it is difficult to narrow the gap between high-level players and beginners in terms of early growth, we want to provide a more mature experience. We are considering advanced memories, boosting means, and events. We are trying to find a way to make memories by gradually improving the difficult parts.

In terms of motivation for growth, it is an experience of pleasure that can be gained from the process. Skill training, etc. have the meaning of every action. We want to apply concerns that can energize growth. The target of growth will also be supplemented and presented. In terms of convenience, it starts from the fact that the content and game elements accumulated over 17 years are unkind. Therefore, the direction is to prevent the player from leaving because of the inconvenience.

The graphic improvement goes beyond the limits of 3D games of 17 years. Improvement is being considered in the direction of showing improvement and efforts to find immersion and vitality. Although it is difficult to show results in a short period of time, these contents revealed the policy to bring about slow but growing results during the period of service beyond 10 years and after 20 years.

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● Part 2 – Introduction of Trade System Reorganization

Part 2 had time to focus on the reorganization of the trade system. This reorganization, dubbed the Great Trade Era, is to improve the existing trade system, expand the trading area and add transportation. And the introduction of the upper trade system and the season system is the main issue.

Before the full-scale explanation, a video of the development team developing the era of great trade was first released. The video is planned and developed. Art and QA. It was organized as an event to meet the development team of each division, including the sound part, and briefly explain the contents to be introduced in the future.

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In the planning sector, improvement and expansion were the main principles, and we tried to create a structure that could trade even to Iria. Since Iria is a large land, the plan was made to use the two new ports as sacred as well as renovate and use Kean Port.

In the development part, so that the changes made in the planning can work properly. It went through the process of adding a new system without touching the core logic. In addition, changes in the encounter method of the pillagers are also made. It is a change in the way that the predatory group appears in the player’s movement, rather than in a fixed location.

Concept illustration of a new port that will appear in the art part. And you can check the appearance of the new mount. The concept of the port located in each region, as well as the first camel mount added. Previously unseen vehicles, such as floaters and husky sleds, will be introduced.

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In addition, the work done in the QA part and the corresponding efforts. The special features of the new update sound were also revealed. In the case of sound, it can be seen that there are concerns and results of the development team that are made according to the update, such as bringing instruments and scales used in the Middle Ages.

Afterwards, details of the trade system reorganization were communicated. The reorganization of the trade system starts with improving the problems of the existing system. There are two major

The fact that the crystal golem, which was originally designed as a powerful monster, was weakened as the user’s growth accumulated, so the efficiency through crystal anger was greater than that of normal trade. Second, if there is no trade enchantment, it has become a kind of barrier to entry because there is no profit.

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Accordingly, the reorganization of the crystal golem and enchantment takes place first. The crystal golem applies the upper limit of the number of ducats that can be obtained during the week while maintaining the current efficiency. Up to a certain level you can quickly collect ducats, but for larger amounts you will have to use the new system.

Enchantment intends to add a device that guarantees the minimum gain along with the addition of sub-effect enchantments. In addition, even in the first stage of starting trade, we are trying to change it so that it can grow and earn profits. Along with the improvement of overall efficiency, it is a change to the content in which the player’s efforts are reflected in the results.

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In addition, in order to expand the use of Ducat, new items for sale in the trading shop / change in how the pillagers appear / bounty tracking events are adjusted according to the level of the current player. These changes are the basis of the new reorganization and are the result of the plan to provide new fun.

After the reorganization, trade expanded to the Iria region. Trade in the Iria region, which had the characteristics of a wide and diverse region, but was not utilized. In addition, trade between Ula and Iria is also carried out. Accordingly, along with the restoration of Kean Port, a new NPC in Kella Port will also appear.

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For the new route, ‘Konnus Port’, the port of the elves, will be located. In the area where the giants are located, there is a new port, ‘Sela Port’. Through these new ports, players trade with trading posts located throughout the Iria continent. The trading posts are tailored to the regional characteristics and show different visuals. New trading posts will be established in the Kela / Philia / Kor / Vales areas.

Along with the already applied life talent reorganization, a special trading post connected to it will also be introduced. In the trading post, trade takes place in the form of exchanging goods for products made with life skills, not for ducats. Since Iria is vast, new means of transportation are also added. The new means of transportation will move by selecting an efficient means of transportation according to the destination.

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We plan to add a ‘top trade’ system that trades with other players. It is currently under development and is being prepared for the second update in January next year. Through the upper trade system, it is an experience of ‘air trade’.

The upper trade is divided into land and air, and in the air route, you can ride a hot air balloon over Iria. In the air, it is free from the threat of predators, but beware of the Wyvern attack.

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In addition, the introduction of the trade season system was also disclosed. After the update, trade will start to operate on a four-month seasonal basis. While maintaining the existing ducats, it becomes a structure to acquire new ducats called season ducats. Season ducats are goods used to purchase special seasonal products. The rank is determined according to the trade activity within the season, and rewards are given at the end of the season according to the rank.

After the season ends, the season ducats obtained for the season are transferred to the regular ducats. A variety of products will be added to the general Ducat shop, and it is also possible to change the seasonal Ducat to a regular Ducat.

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Season Ducat offers more variety than items in existing Ducat stores. Bank limit extension period voucher / check issuance voucher / new bag and exclusive pouch / shoes and new potions that increase trade movement speed are also available.

In addition, you can purchase new and renewed costumes. Renewed clothes are provided in the form of a copy in connection with production, and improvement work is in progress for the renewal clothes in a form with more detail compared to the previous ones.

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An update that informs the wider trade system with Iria, the era of great trade, is scheduled to be officially released on December 23rd. The application to the test server is tomorrow, the 9th.

Meanwhile, after the introduction of this update, Nexon Director Min Kyung-hoon and Planning Team Leader Choi Dong-min conducted a brief Q&A related to the update content. The main questions and contents mentioned in the Q&A are as follows.

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● What are the characteristics of trade in the Iria continent?

= Iria trade is far from trading posts. Therefore, it takes too much time to apply the existing trading system as it is. For this purpose, various devices such as vehicles with different moving speeds such as camels and husky sleds were put in place.

Also, the biggest characteristic is the existence of upper trade. It is a system that allows trade in units of parties. We expect to see the spectacle of multiple players coming together and crossing Iria. Air trade is to take advantage of Iria’s strengths, and I wanted to show trade using hot air balloons in this update.

● What can you do in a hot air balloon?

= We are developing in a way that allows viewing of the scenery. I have chosen a difficult path. As you prepare to trade, you have two options. A separate mission type / It is a method of flying over the actual field. In the case of the flying method, it was unclear whether it would be possible within the deadline because the hot air balloon system and the trading system had to be linked.

In terms of risk management, I would have taken the easy path. The development team unanimously chose the difficult path. We are thinking about development from various angles. I will do my best to show a high-quality image.

● Players who used to collect ducats with the existing crystal golems are likely to be hit. How to reduce barriers to entry. An ambiguous explanation is needed.

= The status of use of Sujeongnogi and general trade was investigated. The number of Sujeong Nogi users is 1/4 of that of general trade, but comparing the production of ducats. Sujeong Nogi was more than 20 times higher than normal trade. If the efficiency of general trade is raised to the level of Crystal Nogi, the amount of Ducat holdings becomes difficult to control. So, the weekly upper limit of Sujeong Nogi was applied. In the case of Sujeong Nogi, it will be established as a form of quickly acquiring a small amount of ducats in the future.

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● After the season system, the value of the existing Ducat will not decrease.

= Although not as much as the seasonal Ducat shop, attractive products will be added to the existing Ducat shop. A perfect free repair kit or remote check issuing right to draw 100 million gold checks will be added.

● I am curious about the selection criteria for the renewal clothes.

= I was loved before. The first list was selected mainly for clothes that are difficult to use due to age restrictions. Unfortunately, I wanted to renew both the short type and the long type of the prosecutor’s uniform at the same time, but the long type could not be renewed due to the schedule. I’ll try to put it in the next update.

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● If so, when is the next update scheduled?

= We will definitely update it in the first half of next year.

● Will there be a difference in rewards for each season?

= Currently, the rewards for each season are almost the same. This update has made an effort to extend the lifespan of trade content, so we plan to maintain the status quo for the time being. However, there will come a time when the attractiveness of the reward will decrease. In this case, we would like to introduce new rewards in line with the end of the ongoing season.

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By Jeong Pil-kwon, staff reporter [email protected]