Red Dead Online Unveils 4 Weeks of Bonuses for the Holidays

Rockstar Games celebrates the coming year-end RED DEAD Selling Moonshiners and Selling Merchants Online, on a bounty hunt 4Weekly end-of-year bonuses 8day said.

first, There is a rank limit on the double barrel shotgun that can acquire the Krampus shotgun variant suitable for the year-end and New Year atmosphere. 12month 14from day 1month 5released by the day.

also coming 1month 5If you play battle ready by day RDO dollar and character XPgo 2provided by boat, in bounty missions RDO dollars and jobs XPis rewarded twice as much.

coming with this 12month 21A new season map of Sun Battle Preparation opens,, the gamers 1month 5If you check the inbox at the nearest post office by the following day, Rhodes, You can get telegrams of robbers besieging hideouts, such as Hanging Dog Ranch..

In addition, if you complete a merchant sale or moonshine sale during the year-end and New Year season,, RDO dollar reward 2can be obtained by boat.

As well as Rockstar Games coming 12month 14from day 25Even just by playing the game until the end of the day 25page, Free accessories as a gift, 29Winter Evans Repeater is provided free of charge.

In addition, bounty hunter license gold bars 5dog and hawkmoss, Brookstone, All hunting weights, including the Gravesend variant 50% sell at a discount.

RED DEAD More information about online can be found on the website..

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