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Hanmi Micronics (CEO: Hyun-Min Kang, hereafter Micronics), a company specializing in gaming device design, development, and manufacturing, received good reviews after launching its own design products on Amazon.com in early December, signaling a pleasant start.

Micronics, which opened a store on Amazon.com, the world’s largest internet shopping mall, and knocked on the door of the global gaming gear market in June of this year, has been actively engaged in sales activities with a global exclusive brand called WIZMAX. From December 6th, MECHA ZK-1, ZM-1, WARP WK-1, and MORPH MK-1, which are products designed by the company, have been introduced into stores, and good evaluations are continuing within a month of full-fledged sales activities.

MECHA ZK-1 buyer David Rocks, Amazon Top 500 reviewer, said, “The quiet Kyle Box switch is light and quick to respond, and the anti-ghosting works well too.” You left a review on your purchase. Another buyer, Gerald Bertram, said, “It’s a very quiet mechanical keyboard, and the key feedback from the kyle box was the best.” An anonymous buyer using the Amazon ID Amazon customer said, “I checked it using a key reporting program, and it showed a very good anti-ghosting effect, and the key recognition ability is very fast.”

Micronics is also planning to enter the overseas market in earnest, starting with the WARP WM-1 gaming mouse and WH-1 gaming headset, MORPH MM-1 gaming mouse and MH-1 gaming headset, which will be released soon.

Meanwhile, ‘WIZMAX’ is a new brand created by Micronics for the global market due to overseas trademark copyright issues. Based on all products Micronics handles, we plan to actively use it to target overseas markets, and plan to target overseas markets such as North America, EU, and Asia with our own design/developed products scheduled to be released in the future.

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Reporter Yoo Dong-shik [email protected]