Tesla: Game app will be blocked while driving in the future

It will soon in the cars of the manufacturer Tesla no longer be possible Play games on the displaywhile the vehicle is in motion. That comes from a report by The Washington Post. Tesla is responding to the investigation initiated by a US agency.

What exactly happened?

The authority National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently had an investigation pertaining to des Features “Passenger Play” started in Tesla vehicles. This function is actually intended to enable the passenger to use various games on the large touchscreen display in order to pass the time, especially on longer journeys.

However, this function is in principle also accessible to the driver. The NHTSA sees this as too great a risk potential for a possible distraction in traffic and has initiated a corresponding investigation.

What does Tesla say on the subject?

The reaction of the manufacturer known by Elon Musk was not long in coming. According to a statement by the NHTSA spokeswoman Lucia Sanchez, something will be done shortly with regard to the problem:

“Tesla has informed the authorities that the functionality of this feature will be changed. With a new software update, ‘Passenger Play’ will be deactivated and not usable as soon as the vehicle starts moving.”

It is not yet known whether this change will also be made for the Tesla models outside the USA.

Can you play these games in a Tesla?

In addition to a large number of smaller games such as Solitaire, there are also ports of larger titles that run on the Tesla’s display. These include the construction simulation Fallout Shelter and the shoot-’em-up game Cuphead. The Tesla boss Elon Musk is a well-known gaming fan and plans to implement further games together with several developer studios.

Those: The Washington Post

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