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[기사 본문]

‘Black Rock Shooter’ will be made into a mobile game. G2 Studio and Good Smile Company announced the new ‘Black Rock Shooter Fragment’.

Developed and operated by G2 Studio and published by Good Smile Company, this title tells an original story set in ‘another world’ that is different from TV animation.

The mobile game of Black Rock Shooter, created by illustrator huke on December 26, 2007, was also made as a social game in 2012, but it was not available on iOS at that time.

This work is being produced for iOS and Android, and the service period is scheduled for the fall of 2022 in Japan.

In addition, the new animation project ‘Black Rock Shooter DAWN FALL’, announced in the fall of 2021, is scheduled to be broadcast on Japanese terrestrial channels and Disney Plus from the spring of 2022.

[배경 스토리]

mid 22nd century. ‘Innocent Cloud’, an information lifeform that suddenly appeared on the network, steals everything from factories, power plants, public transportation, to military weapons, and launches an attack on mankind with overwhelming force. How did the Innocent Cloud come about? And for what reason are you hostile to humanity? Without knowing the details, a virus weapon with a high lethality was used once, and the human race, which lost its advanced information and communication network, was divided into different parts of the world and driven out. Before long, mankind started a counterattack with “synthetic” soldiers who were not infected with viruses, mainly using conventional, not highly electronic weapons. With humanity absent on the battlefield, the fight against Innocent Cloud enters a long stalemate.

2209 year. In order to destroy Innocent Cloud’s new weapon, which is said to change the world, you receive an antiviral weapon vaccine, and as a commander, lead synthetic soldiers to break into the enemy facility. What he saw there was a girl with eyes shining like sparks connected to a gigantic machine. By the runaway of the new weapon, you and the girl are blown away into an unknown space. It was… the beginning of a fighting journey that crossed several worlds.


Reporter Lee Jang-won [email protected]