Music Cow launches customer promotion on the 27th (Mon) for the year-end and New Year holidays | Ruri Web

[기사 본문]

– Limited edition Nike sneakers with a market value of 700,000 won, given as a gold bar gift

– 100% of 5,000 Muka Cash paid to auction and market traders for 5 consecutive days from the 27th to the 31st

– Special goods consisting of a man-to-man T-shirt, a diary, and a pen are provided when participating in one or more auctions

– Prove the new potential of the copyright market and do our best to create a healthy music ecosystem

Music Cow, a platform for claiming participation in music copyright fees, announced on the 27th that it is conducting a large customer promotion to receive limited edition sneakers, gold bars, and brand special goods in celebration of the year-end and New Year holidays.

From today (27th) to 31st, ‘Nike x Peace Minus One Air Force 1 Low Paranoise’ and ‘Nike x Peace Minus One Air Force 1 Low Paranoise’ with market value of 700,000 won in the ‘From prizes in the pounding auction to winning 100% of Muka Cash’, held for 5 days from today (27th) to 31st. Gold bars were prepared as prizes. Hidden prizes in the new auction that start within the period will be presented by lottery among the successful bidders for each song, and the winner will be announced through the Music Cow website the next day after the auction closes. The types of prizes to be paid can be checked through each auction song. In addition, 100% of 5,000 Muka Cash will be paid to members who have made auction and market transactions for 5 consecutive days during the event period.

From December 29 (Wed) to January 14 (Fri), ‘GoodBye 2021 Music Cow New Year’s Goods!’ The event will be held. Regardless of whether or not the bid was successful, after participating in the auction at least once and applying through the event page, a total of 200 people will be given Music Cow special goods consisting of a man-to-man T-shirt, a diary, and a pen through a lottery.

Detailed schedule and details of this customer promotion can be found on the official Music Cow website.

A Music Cow official said, “We are planning this promotion to repay the interest and participation of our members who have shown a lot of interest and participation in Music Cow over the year. We will focus our efforts on that,” he said.

Meanwhile, Music Cow creates an environment where ordinary people can invest in the music copyright market, leading a new market where culture becomes investment and investment becomes culture. Recently, the site reorganization and investment white paper have been extensively updated so that users can make the right investment with a clear understanding of the music copyright market.

By Lee Myung-gyu, staff reporter [email protected]