Billy Billy, ‘Final Gear X Sakura Wars’ Collaboration Event | Ruri Web

[기사 본문]

– Limited pickups such as ‘Final Gear X Sakura Wars’, SSR ‘Shinguji Sakura’, and ‘Maria Tachibana’ appeared

– Collaboration commemorative Sakura Wars event dungeon open, Sakura Wars character exclusive aircraft introduced

– Added a new skin to commemorate the ‘Final Gear X Sakura Wars’ event

BILIBILI announced on the 29th that it will hold a collaboration event with SEGA’s action adventure ‘Sakura Wars’ in ‘Final Gear’, a beautiful girl mechanic RPG that is being serviced by BILIBILI.

‘Final Gear’ is an attractive game that combines mechanics with a pretty girl-collecting RPG with a strong mania. It is a stable service with favorable reviews from users.

First, through this collaboration event, you will be able to meet SSR ‘Shinguji Sakura’ and SSR ‘Maria Tachibana’ with limited pickup from the 29th. will appear and find users.

In addition, the ‘Sakura Wars’ event dungeon will be opened to commemorate the collaboration from the 29th. Various rewards can be obtained by clearing the dungeon. In addition, through various events, ‘Sakura Wars’ character exclusive and new skins containing the special charm of ‘Sakura Wars’ characters will be introduced.

An official from Billy Billy said, “This time, we are going to collaborate with SEGA’s famous adventure games ‘Sakura Wars’ and ‘Final Gear’. I hope you enjoy it.”

More information about the ‘Final Gear X Sakura Wars’ collaboration event can be found on the official Naver Cafe.

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]