Fast & Furious 10: The Rock rejects Vin Diesel’s comeback offer

Has in November Vin Diesel on Instagram open letter to fellow actors Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson directed in which he is a Comeback of the actor’s wishes for the upcoming films in the series. Although the actors made up after an argument, The Rock ruled out a return in an interview with CNN.

This is how The Rock reacts to Vin Diesel’s Instagram post

“I was really surprised by Vins recent post. Last June when Vin and I actually did [persönlich] Having spoken to each other, I told him directly – and confidentially – that I was not going back to the franchise. I was tough but polite with my words and said that I will always support the cast and always cheer for the franchise – but there is no chance I will return. I also spoke to my partners at Universal, who also understood me and my problem. “

The Rock also accuses Vin Diesel of manipulation

In the further course of the interview, Dwayne Johnson also criticizes Vin Diesel’s choice of words: “[Sein] last public post was an example of his manipulation. I didn’t think it was nice that he mentioned his children in the post – or the death of Paul Walker. Let her out of there. We talked about it months ago and hit it off. My goal has always been to end my fantastic journey with this great Fast and Furious franchise with gratitude and grace. “

When will Fast & Furious 10 appear in theaters?

At the moment is the theatrical release of Fast & Furious 10 for the 6. April 2023 planned. Again with Vin Diesel and definitely without The Rock. The end of the series is then with Fast & Furious 11 planned. However, there is no date here yet.

Those: CNN

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