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– Open the ‘Starlight Symphony’ event prepared by Stellar’s Starlight Wagon, various coin shops, etc.

– 1+2 level-up effect ‘Tera Burning Plus’ and ‘Burning World’ support high-speed growth

– Added 3 bosses reborn with a new difficulty level… New boss accessory set released

– Announcement of live broadcast of ‘DESTINY Live Talk’ in which the development team introduces the details of the update background

Nexon (CEO Lee Jeong-heon) announced on the 30th that it had applied the first update of ‘DESTINY’ including the ‘Starlight Symphony’ event in its online game ‘Maple Story’.

The winter update ‘DESTINY’ of ‘Maple Story’ will be held three times, starting on December 30, on January 27, and on February 24.

First, the mysterious space ‘Starlight Symphony’, where conductor ‘Stella’ listens to the music of the Maple World, will be opened, and various events such as ‘Stella’s Starlight Carriage’ with various rewards, a coin shop, and mini-games that give a lot of experience will be introduced.

Users who complete daily missions every day until March 9, next year and receive a starlight stamp from ‘Stella’s Starlight Carriage’ will be able to grow You will get useful rewards step by step.

Also, if you collect Melody Coins and Harmony Coins through daily missions or boss kills, you can find ‘Karma Star Force 17-Star Enhancement Ticket’, ‘Starlight Damage Skin’, and ‘Karma Premium Pet Equipment Attack Scroll’ at various coin shops located in ‘Starlight Symphony’. It can be exchanged for various items.

The ‘Terra Burning Plus’ event, which provides +2 level benefits for every level up to level 200, will also be held until March 9. When the character designated for Terra Burning reaches level 200, an additional ‘Tera Burning Booster’ is provided, and various rewards are obtained depending on the level reached. In ‘Burning World’, where world-exclusive buff skills are always activated, you can foster mega-burning characters who can level up 1+2 up to level 130.

With this update, Nexon has added three new types of bosses, ‘Easy Will’, ‘Normal Jean Hilla’, ‘Normal Chosen Seren’, and ‘Boss Accessories Set of Dawn’ so that users can challenge the boss monsters step by step. newly released.

In addition, under the ‘Bombom Project’ that improves game convenience, the UI of the guidance system, recommended content for each level, and regional movement function have been significantly reorganized, and the story quest records of the region after the boss quest and Arcane River are shared within the world.

On the other hand, to guide the development background and intention of this winter update in detail, the live broadcast ‘DESTINY Live Talk’ will be held on the official YouTube channel of ‘Maple Story’ at 6 pm on January 5, next year. On this day’s broadcast, we plan to have time to listen to and answer users’ questions, including the update of ‘DESTINY’.

You can find more information about the ‘Maple Story’ game and updates on the official website.

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By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]