The year of the year of 2022 begins! New Year’s Eve Event Released for ‘Perfect World’

Perfect World Games is a mobile MMORPG developed and serviced by Perfect World Games.A New Year’s event will be held to celebrate the year of Imin in 2022..

this 2022 The New Year’s event presents various event itemsVarious events will be held, such as ‘Blessing of Snow’ in exchange for ‘Snowball Blessing’, ‘Snowball Fight Festival’ where you enter an event-exclusive dungeon and have a snowball fight, and ‘New Year Festival’ where you can obtain rewards by logging in during the event period. In addition, the Wanmi World Naver official cafe will hold an event to commemorate the year of the black tiger in the year of 2022, so that you will be able to acquire the new year event-limited title “Black Tiger” in the new year.

Seo Dong-jin, head of the operation team of Perfect World Games, said, ‘I hope that this New Year’s event will mark the end of the Winter Festival event, which started on December 9, to welcome the new year in Wanmi continent. Also, we sincerely thank you for caring for the perfect world in 2021, and I hope that we can make happy memories together in 2022.’

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