Hardcore tactical shooter Ready or Not shows what’s coming in January 2022

2022 called, they finally want to see the roadmap for January!

A short-term but celebrated Early Access release lies behind the intellectual SWAT heir Ready or Not. But that only marks the beginning, because the developers are already reporting back from the Christmas vacation. And VOID Interactive is about to cancel them Plans for January 2022 an.

On the roadmap for the next update are new game modes for existing levels, a bunch of new weapons, new speaking lines for NPCs and various detailed improvements that players are already desperately looking for. We have summarized all the new features that have been announced here for you.

If you want to first visualize the enthusiasm for Ready or Not, read the linked article. In the meantime, over 16,000 Steam players give 95 percent positive ratings:

New SWAT shooter thrilled


Ready or Not

New SWAT shooter thrilled

That brings January 2022 for Ready or Not

Developer VOID shared the plans for early 2022 on Twitter. First of all, the upcoming update sometime in January only as part of the Supporter Alpha published and tested before it is rolled out to all early access players:

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5 new game modes on the maps:

  • 213 Park Homes, Twisted Nerve gets the aggressive mode Raid.
  • Port Hoken, Hide and Seek lets you defuse bombs.
  • In der Mission Caesar’s Car Dealership, Buy Cheap, Buy Twice you can free hostages.
  • Im Wenderly Hills Hotel, Checkin’ in frees her hostages and meets a gunman.

3 or 4 new weapons:

  • R7: Customizable magazine-fed irritant weapon
  • MK. 16 SCAR L: 5.56 assault rifle
  • Krinkov SLR: powerful submachine gun
  • MK1 BCM: Exclusive 5.56 assault rifle for owners of the Supporter Edition

Upgraded weapons and equipment:

  • Improved weapon descriptions in the loadout menu
  • Weapon model of the G19 is updated to Gen. 5 of the real model.
  • New weapon model for the M9A1
  • New models for CS-Gas, Stinger and Flashbang

New and improved voice lines:

  • New spokesperson for the Tactical Operation Command (TOC)
  • Obsolete office lines are removed.
  • More variety in the civilian voice lines

Other improvements include:

  • Alpha tests for localizations in German, Korean and French begin.
  • Integration of Vivox technology for better in-game communication
  • Improvement and revision of the rules for the legitimate use of force and the penalties for rule violations
  • Adjustments to civilian AI, morale and submission
  • Improved voting and player control, for example to be able to kick players from your own lobbies.

Ready or Not: Release trailer helps with a tough game start in the tactical shooter


Ready or Not: Release trailer helps with a tough game start in the tactical shooter

Above you can see the release trailer of Ready or Not, which not only brings you closer to the gameplay, but also helps you with the basics of the tough everyday SWAT.

This is what the author thinks: Ready or Not apparently wants to build a reputation for the developers to communicate openly and transparently and to bring out updates on a regular basis. The voice lines, which are one of the most frequently criticized in forums, show the ear that the developers keep to the community.

Like many others, I would have liked important changes to the enemy AI. Ready or Not should be tough and force a methodical approach, that already corresponds to the developer’s vision. But if not half a second passes between sighting an enemy and a load of lead in the face, victory and defeat feel less worked out and more accidentally.

Since you are only allowed to shoot when an opponent threatens to attack, the time window can hardly be caught with human reflexes. Despite all the realism, players are not trained SWAT cops. Here I would wish that the claim would give way to the fun of the game, if only by a few fractions of a second. To what extent the changes to the Rules of Engagement to mitigate this point, the January update has yet to show.