King Arthur for free at GameStar Plus: Noble ruler or evil tyrant?

For Total War fans: King Arthur brought fantasy elements into the Total War formula before Total War did the Warhammer games themselves. In virtual Brittania from the time of King Arthur, similar to the successful series by Creative Assembly, you have to constantly expand your empire and defend it from enemies.

King Arthur put to the test - the role-playing strategy mix put to the test


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King Arthur put to the test – the role-playing strategy mix put to the test

Epic Battles: Confrontations can either be thrown in the classic way, or you can fight them out in real-time battles. You can only bring glory and honor to your empire if you use and position your units cleverly. Depending on your convictions, various magical attacks and objects are available that can change the course of the war permanently.

In King Arthur you fight epic battles in real time.
In King Arthur you fight epic battles in real time.

Also for role players: The game tells many unique stories through quests. You have to make decisions and thus shape the character of your king and his realm. Do you want to be a meek, Christian king for the people or do you prefer to rage as a Celtic tyrant? In King Arthur, the choice is yours!

Change of season: If the weather changes, so do the challenges. In winter you have to keep your feet still, but you can upgrade the skills you have acquired over the year. Spring brings fresh quests, battles are best fought in summer and autumn is harvest time. This creates an exciting dynamic!

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