Lost rock star game pulped years ago, according to report

According to the report, the successor to the rock star classic Bully is said to have been crushed years ago, although six to eight hours have already been playable. At that time, other games such as Max Payne 3 and Red Dead Redemption had priority for the GTA developer. This information is largely in line with rumors from 2019.

As Game Informer wants to have learned from former employees, Bully 2 should have relied on a call system that was ultimately used in a similar way in Red Dead Redemption 2. For example, pranks at the school would have changed one’s reputation, which should also have an impact on the further course of history.

Even if Bully 2 should have been canceled in this form, at least this idea got into the DNA of developer Rockstar. But that doesn’t seem to end the story of Bully.

Conflicting rumors

Circulating on the Internet Rumor about Bully 2born by the well-known (and often well-informed) Tom Henderson.

So be some people a new version of the game was shown, which was explicitly not the pulped version. In a recent reply on his own Tweet Henderson believes it is, however possiblethat the version mentioned was the old, discontinued version of Bully 2.

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That sounds contradictory and, according to Henderson, is based on the fact that he only received fragmentary information. For the insider, the timing of his information is important: Because the new version of the game appeared shortly before the Game Awards 2021, he expected a surprise announcement on the show. As is well known, this did not happen, which is why the insider is now wondering whether Rockstar could do something and, if so, what could be up to Bully.

Henderson previously stated that the information currently a bit blurry appeared to have wanted to share them anyway. He believes that the suspected Bully 2 something definitely happened. What exactly that could be, an announcement or even an imminent release, remains open.

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