Miracle Sword, a special event for the Three Kingdoms in 2022

4399Korea is the mobile MMORPG ‘miracle swordat 2022In celebration of the new year, various events to welcome the new year, including a special event for the Three Kingdoms, will be held. 31day said.

In this special event of the Three Kingdoms, 魔 and Guan Yu, Gumiho and Chosun appear as new characters, You can meet the interesting story of the Three Kingdoms in the magnificent fantasy worldview of ‘Miracle Sword’.

especially coming 1month 24If you create a new character by the end of the day, anyone can create a collaboration-limited character, Guan Yu., It is expected to be well received by being able to acquire nine tailed foxes and first ships for free..

During the same period, the ‘Damage Treatment Limited Event’ is held every week., gold, Sunday evening 8city 30takes place in minutes, Three Kingdoms Special Costume when Defeating a Demon, Miracle Skin, Three Kingdoms title, You can get various themed items related to the Three Kingdoms, such as a new illustrated book..

Lastly, users who attack the boss will be given an honorary title and an additional illustrated book that will help them grow their fighting power, which is expected to stimulate the desire of many users to challenge..

with this 1month 1from day 5‘New Year’s limited event’, new mount, costume, Events with various bonuses such as pets are held., New coupons with attributable diamonds and nurturing materialsnewyear2022‘ was revealed.

In addition, special benefits are provided to servers that have achieved server consolidation conditions., You can enjoy new lord content and new equipment training system..

Also last 12month 24In the new server that has been opened after work, there is a certain probability that the ‘Pet Capture’ event is held and the World Boss is defeated., There are benefits to getting mounts for free.

mobile MMORPG ‘Miracle Sword’ is not only for mobile PCcan also be played PC A beta version is presented, and more details can be found at the official cafe..

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