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– Added Meliodas, the Warrior Traitor of the Temple… The first dark attribute hero appeared

– 300 diamonds are free when you log in for 10 days to celebrate the new year.

– Various growth support events are also provided.

Netmarble (CEO Kwon Young-sik, Lee Seung-won) announced on the 31st that it has updated the mobile RPG for the New Year Festival 2022 to welcome the new year.

With this update, a new hero[Warrior of the Temple]Traitor Meliodas has been added. Meliodas the Traitor is the first dark attribute to be added. The new dark attribute increases damage to all attributes except for dark attributes by 10%, and increases damage dealt by ally heroes to dominant attribute heroes by 10%. have.

In addition, among the existing festival heroes[Warrior of the Temple]Goddess Elizabeth,[Reclaimed Heart]Hijack Old Book,[Descent of “Light”]Light Pact Lyudsiel, and Dual Swordsman Quzak reappeared. As a jumping-up event, users can acquire SSR Heroes other than the Festival Heroes obtained from the Festival Gacha in the form of completing Level 80 6 Awakening.

Also, to commemorate the New Year, starting from December 23rd, we are running a Happy New Year jackpot login event where you can get 300 diamonds for free if you log in for 10 days during the event period. Then, starting on December 30th, a special login event that allows you to acquire a total of 42 diamonds by 3 diamonds for every login for an additional 14 days will follow.

Netmarble has prepared various events and rewards to celebrate this update and the new year. First of all, you can obtain various rewards including up to 1000 diamonds for the first place in the ‘Lucky Spinner’ event starting on December 30th. You can get rewards such as diamonds and super awakening coins by participating in the fortune telling.

In addition, the boss battle Arbor appeared again. Users can use the points acquired by defeating Abor to obtain various rewards, including New Year’s Special Artifact Card Pack. Also, in the ‘Adyu 2021 Memorial Bingo’ event, which runs until January 13, if you achieve all bingos, you will have a chance to acquire the seasonal hero 【New Myth】 Guardian Jericho.

Discounts given to users and various growth support events are also noteworthy. During the update period, you can purchase costumes at a discounted price than usual at the weather store discount event. In addition, you can aim for faster growth through a variety of benefits, such as a free event following the main quest, 50% discount on main and free stage action, double player rank experience, and higher chance of hero enhancement and super success.

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By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]