Diablo 3: Popular event eclipse started in Tristram, all information

Ahh, fresh meat! – The butcher must have thought that when he did im Blizzard-Blog of the return of the Diablo 3 event The darkness in Tristram has experienced. But not only are you allowed to face the cult anti-vegetarian again, other fan favorites are also returning and want to arouse nostalgic feelings in you. In this article you will find out what to expect and what rewards you can win.

Even if the next series part is becoming more and more apparent on the horizon, it is Diablo 3 Incidentally, it is still a long way from disappearing into purgatory. Season 25 just started – you can read about the changes here:

Diablo 3 Season 25: All information about the start, season theme and more



Diablo 3 Season 25: All information about the start, season theme and more

All information about The darkness in Tristram

When does the event start and how long does it last? You don’t have to wait long until you can step over the threshold of the well-known cathedral again. As in previous years, the spectacle is divided into two phases:

The Pre-Event is already on December 31, 2021 started at 1 a.m. In it you can already trace some cultists who will lead you to Tristram.

However, the portal to the retro dungeon does not open until a few days later, namely on January 3, 2022 at 1 o’clock. Then you have more than enough time to turn off the lights of the dark monstrosities more than once. Because the event only ends on January 31, 2022 – also at 1 o’clock.

If you want to know how to find all the secrets of the event, you will find the answers in our detailed video:

Diablo 3: The Darkness in Tristram - How to find all secrets


Diablo 3: The Darkness in Tristram – How to find all secrets

How can I take part in the event? In order to find the trail of the cultists at all, you absolutely have to play the game play in adventure mode! If you turn off the cowl bearers, you will find the first clues in their remains to a portal that should lead you to Tristram.

You will find this portal in the old ruins in act 1. This will take you to the village as series veterans from Diablo 1 know and love it – including the well-known melody. Just stupid: All residents are dead, the houses are badly damaged.

What can I expect in the anniversary dungeon? It’s up to you to step into the retro dungeon and take on some of the most iconic bosses in the entire series in a classic pixel look:

  • Der Butcher
  • The Skeleton King
  • Arch-Bishop Lazarus
  • The Dark Lord (Diablo) personally

The dungeon corresponds to the structure of the original from Diablo 1 and therefore comprises 16 levels, which are divided into four different regions (cathedral, catacombs, cave, hell). Despite the retro look, the surroundings appear much more contemporary thanks to the Diablo 3 technology.

What rewards can I get? Of course, your heroism should not go unrewarded. Unique items await you in the dungeon in the form of loot as rewards for monster knocking. Also wave to you new transmogrifications, achievements, pets and more. Three of these rewards have already been put on display by Blizzard:

Background: This is behind the event

The event The darkness in Tristram is of course old hat for all of you who have been loyal to Diablo 3 for many years. But this year there is a special anniversary to celebrate, because on December 31, 1996 the legendary first part of the series was released and revolutionized the world of computer games forever.

Although Diablo 1 laid the foundation for the genre of action role-playing games, the game seems almost simple to us from today’s perspective. But the development of the original is so exciting and trend-setting that we have dedicated our own multi-part making-of to the topic:

Making of Diablo - Part 1: The click that changed everything



Making of Diablo – Part 1: The click that changed everything

Olle camels don’t interest you? If you are more anchored in the here and now, then we, as bouncers, still have the right reading tip for you! Because we have put together the best classes and builds for the current season 25 in Diablo 3.