Dirtier than toilets: our smartphones are full of bacteria

Without thinking about it, we constantly pick up this everyday object. As a study has now impressively demonstrated, an incredible number of bacteria cavort on our smartphones. It makes no difference which manufacturer the cell phones come from.

Investigation: Cell phones are dirtier than toilets

A study by the British company Insurance2Go has> brought to light an alarming result. The average Cell phones are more bacteria contaminated than toilets. During the investigation, no less than 245.9 infectious units accumulated per square centimeter of the cell phone display. The average cell phone should have fewer than 84.9 infectious units, but the result is disgusting when compared to a toilet seat. In the case of a toilet seat, there are just 24 infectious units (source: Insurance2Go).

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A Difference between manufacturers the company could not find any smartphones. Both an unspecified iPhone, a cell phone from the Google Pixel series and a smartphone from the Samsung Galaxy series, which are also not exactly named, were examined.

It cannot be ruled out that the displays are sometimes overflowing with bacteria Effects on the skin of the owner can have. Bacteria can get on the skin, especially when the cell phone is pressed to the face to make a call.

Insurance2Go, on the other hand, can give the all-clear Keyboards and mice give. Only five infectious units per square centimeter were found here – at least significantly less than in a toilet seat.

In times of a pandemic, hygiene should be taken even more seriously. Tips for dealing with the coronavirus can be found here in the video:

Better to clean smartphones without aggressive cleaning agents

If you now see yourself moving through the above numbers, cleaning your own smartphone as quickly and as thoroughly as possible, you should do it no aggressive means can be used.

As we show in our special article on the subject of cell phone cleaning, aggressive cleaning agents can attack the coating on the display. Instead, be Cleaning wipes for smartphones recommended. Alternatively, some manufacturers also offer their own cleaning sets for smartphones (see Amazon).