Fortnite: Developers announce compensation for downtime

Recently were the servers of the online shooter Fortnite were unavailable for several hours or had major technical problems. Numerous fans could not play during this time, which logically caused a lot of displeasure. But the developer studio Epic Games is probably already working on compensation.

What happened?

On December 29, 2021 – last Wednesday – there were some problems with the Fortnite servers. It all started with a lot of players suddenly in the afternoon were only able to log in with great difficulty or not at all. In addition, there were sometimes huge queues, and a short game in between was out of the question.

About two hours later there was a shift in the shaft: Fortnite’s servers (buy now 19,99 €) were no longer available for all players. There was a complete server down. This condition lasted until shortly after midnight on December 30, 2021, after which everything ran relatively flawlessly again.

Epic Games hints at compensation

Shortly before the turn of the year, the developers spoke up via Twitter and promised compensation for this downtime. So far, however, the team has left it open what exactly it is and when it can be expected.

“We appreciate your understanding as we fix these issues. We’ll be sharing more details next week on how we plan to help you make up for lost time.”

Until there are more precise details in this regard, there is plenty of room for speculation. It is therefore quite possible that all Fortnite a small amount of V-Bucks as compensation receive. The distribution of a special in-game item would also be conceivable.

Those: Twitter

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